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9 Ways To Survive A Long Haul Flight

9 Ways To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Although I love a good international vacation, I cannot STAND plane rides. Particularly, a long haul flight. It’s almost always claustrophobic, too cold and unsanitary. Ugh!

Long flights in particular can be a nightmare, especially if you’re stuck on a narrow bodied jet. My word. This is the reason I take good care to ensure my plane rides are as comfy as possible. Especially the long haul ones. I dress and prepare for parking in the airport, to going through security (hello ballet flats for easy removal of shoes) to waiting at the gate to hopping off at my destination.

My longest flight was exactly 24 hours, but boy was I prepared. You’re bound to forget something, so as a rule I have a recurring survival list for all of my travels. I adjust it based on where I’m going but I never delete anything. Here’s that list of things that keeps me sane and helps me to survive any long haul flight.

1| Wear comfortable clothing

Always my number one tip when traveling. I know we want to look as stylish as possible when getting on and stepping off the plane but trust me, you do not want to be stuck in those narrow seats for eight hours in jeans. No ma’am. You will almost definitely regret it. Shoes that come on and get off easy are best. Clothes with stretch even better. On board can be cold sometimes so I dress in layers and always take along a nice big scarf that acts as a blanket if I don’t get to snag one from the flight crew.

2| Stay hydrated

I do not drink enough water on a regular so it’s much worse when I’m traveling. I love the window seat and despise using airplane toilets, so I try to limit my liquid intake to refrain from going to the lavatory. This a really bad idea and I have done my best to recalibrate my consumption of water. It’s just so dry up there that without it, my throat, lips and skin get extremely parched and uncomfortable.

3| Don’t wear makeup!

Yes you read right. That dry air mixed with no humidity cooks up a disaster on your skin. Since learning this, I simply slather my face with moisturizer to keep my skin extra hydrated. I use this water based moisturizer and it works wonders. I also wear this lip balm to keep my lips nice and plump. If I think I absolutely need makeup, these face wipes cleans my face then I put on a little close to the end of the flight.

4| Sanitize your surroundings

There is only so much you can sanitize your surroundings, but some anti-bacterial wipes comes in handy to wipe down the headrest, tray table and seat handles.

5| Take a book or new magazine

I love to take in the scent and feel of a brand new magazine. I don’t normally read them in my everyday life, so it’s always a treat on the flight. For a long haul flight, books are a necessity for me. If you have an e-reader, better yet. Less weight and more variety.

6| Compression socks!

They have saved my achy feet time and time again. Compression socks assists with circulation in your feet and keeps swelling at bay. It’s a must have for any type of travel for me.

7| Get a good seat and get up and stretch

Never take the middle seat for a long flight. It’s torture. Your hand rests are more than likely taken up by the other two passengers and falling asleep with your head straight and trying to keep it straight is enough to send anyone crazy! I love the window seat as I have the body of the plane to lean on, but it’s a task when you need to get up. I know some people love the aisle seat. Choose your seat when you web check-in. Get up and take a walk ever so often to get a little shake up and to give your body a little exercise.

8| Take your favorite snacks

I hardly ever get food or snacks I like on planes, so I always take my own along. I even take my own tea bags. If you get a little munchy between meal times, or don’t like the menu, these goodies will save you. Not a snack, but lozenges save me. The dry air send my sinuses wild and so the sucking motions and the saliva created by it saves me a really dry throat and burning nose. I use these.

9| Toiletries

Long haul flights can leave you feeling groggy and not so fresh. To deal with that I take along a pouch with toiletries like deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, some perfume etc for sprucing up. I either freshen up in the plane bathroom right before we land or I visit the bathroom as soon as I land in the airport.

A few notable mentions are headphones and a nice adult calming coloring book!

What about you? How do you survive a long haul flight?

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7 responses to “9 Ways To Survive A Long Haul Flight”

  1. Kristin Cook says:

    I’ve never flown, but I really hope that I can take a trip in the near future. NEVER would have thought to wear compression socks! That’s sucks a helpful tip!

  2. Rachel G says:

    Long-haul flights are so NOT my favorite. I live in Malaysia, but I’m from the USA, and one of the reasons I don’t want to go “home” too often is because that flight is just not much fun, no matter how you slice it. Comfort is definitely key, and I get cold, so a blanket scarf is definitely crucial! I also tend to hate airplane food, so snacks keep me from starving to death over the 13 hours or so, haha! Books or some sorts of activities to keep the mind busy definitely help a lot, too!

  3. Katherine says:

    I’m weird and I prefer long-haul flights over like middle flights (6-8 hours). Those always seem to take longer to me because I don’t prepare as well as I do for the long-haul flights! Haha, but girl you hit on allllll the right tips! It took me a long time to realize I shouldn’t wear makeup or my contacts on the long flights! And there’s something comforting about having cozy socks and your favorite snacks. Love this post 🙂

  4. Lyndsey says:

    these are all such great tips! long flights can be rough. We did 8 hours once with our then 1 and 4 year old. it was a challenge for sure!

  5. ahhh these are such great suggestions! I always need socks and my own water! flights that serve coke only products (re: dasani) have SO much salt in their water that I just feel SO bloated and dehydrated after!

  6. I hate flying but when I do fly I make sure I have a sleep mask and headphone and neck pillow! Life savers!

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