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Wedding talk: What Would You Change About Yours?

Hubby and I are a couple months shy of our one year anniversary and I still tear up when looking back on our wedding day. It was so so so beautiful and exactly how we wanted it. We were at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. We couldn’t ask for much more than that.

Wedding talk: What Would You Change About Yours?

But of course there are a few things that on looking back, I would have done differently. Nothing drastic, but a couple little things.

I’d have for sure gone a size up on my shoes and worn open toe. I was being practical and wanted something I could reasonably wear after, but in hindsight, I wish I spunked up in the shoe department a little more. I eyeballed these for a long time!

Wedding talk: What Would You Change About Yours?

I wished I didn’t freak out about certain things.  I mean it’s just a wedding!! Like how to tell my friends they weren’t invited and why. Or the moving back and forth with the wine, cheese and dessert reception idea. I had no reception in the end and it was the best decision.

I would definitely spend more time and money on my honeymoon. We originally planned to visit France and Hungary but dropped Hungary from the itinerary last minute. Major regrets!

Wedding talk: What Would You Change About Yours?

The day flew by so quickly that I didn’t get to spend much time with those who came. I stole little bouts of time with every one but didn’t get to have much in depth conversations. And those who know me know that I love to talk!

Being abundantly clear with my hair stylist. Omg. I told her what I wanted but got something totally different. She cut my hair too short and colored it in a ghastly reddish brown, when I wanted a more grayish brown. Sigh. It was cute in the end but wow, I could have done without that drama.

Wedding talk: What Would You Change About Yours?

But you know what I wouldn’t change? Doing my own hair and makeup. Driving together to the church which afforded us the time to share those precious moments just before the ceremony. Taking photos before the ceremony because everyone looked fresh and dandy! And helloooo! Saving money by not printing invitations or having a cake.

Wedding talk: What Would You Change About Yours?

What about you? Would you change anything? Are you getting married? What are you nervous about?

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18 responses to “Wedding talk: What Would You Change About Yours?”

  1. Cait says:

    ha this is a great idea – i dont really think i would change much about mine!

  2. I am getting married next year but I was married once. So there’s a lot of things I would do differently. Like the colors, the decor and the style of dress I want.

  3. Lily says:

    I’ve been married for almost 7 years and I think the only thing I would change would be that I’d do my own makeup.

  4. We had a city hall wedding with just immediate family. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about it as I didn’t want the stress or the expense of anything bigger. The only thing I wish had gone differently is when we were married. I wish I’d met my husband years earlier, and that he’d been with me when I was going through the big challenges I experienced during those years. I also wish we had started our family earlier.

  5. Keating says:

    We full on eloped about 2.5 months into dating long distance haha we told NO ONE. I literally packed a bag and drove 900 miles to North Carolina and we got married in a courthouse just the two of us. We told family and friends a couple weeks later and I moved in with him a couple months after that. Honestly, the only two things I’d change is hiring a photographer and wearing a cute white dress. We have ZERO photos from it and I wore skinny jeans and a cute white top haha but honestly, I have no regrets.

  6. This is such a great post idea! When did you get married?! I’m coming up on my one year anniversary as well! For me, I definitely wouldn’t have stressed as much and I would have taken money out of the wedding budget and put it into a honeymoon fund. We ended up not being able to go on one, but it is what it is. I think I would have hired a DJ as well. For our reception I just played music off a laptop to save money–but we definitely should have paid someone to come in. All in all though, our wedding day was a dream and I still get teary eyed looking at pictures. <3

  7. Nikki Gwin says:

    Oh those shoes!!! Let’s get them NOW! What would I change? I think the only thing I’d change is that I wish I hadn’t been so worried. It all worked out and was beautiful. We flew to the Bahamas and got married there.
    Your wedding pictures are beautiful!
    🙂 gwingal

  8. Rachel G says:

    We took our couple photos and our family photos before the ceremony, too, and it was a great idea! The only thing I’ve ever felt kind of “Grrrr!” about my own wedding was, strangely enough, the plates. We just had a simple dessert and appetizers reception, and got disposable plates. I wanted to buy these really cute and fancy clear plastic plates, but my grandma’s priority was making sure people could really load up their plates with as much food as they wanted at the same time, so she made me get big, hefty plates with dividers that reminded me more of “summer BBQ” type of plates. I think it’s funny that more than 7 years later, that’s the one thing I wish I got my way on…but I can’t deny my family likes to eat a lot, so it probably was more practical. Just not as cute. 😛

  9. Whitney says:

    I love my wedding and really wouldn’t change a thing. However, I wished my makeup looked better. It was a disaster and I paid someone to do yet. The person that was supposed to do it couldn’t so she recommended me make an appointment at another place. I did without having a makeup trial (trusting her judgement). They used my own makeup. I told them I wanted a super glam look like the pageant girls and the person said they just so natural looks. I wear more makeup on a daily basis than it looked like on my wedding day. I wished I had more stylized wedding pictures (but wedding styles in photography were different in 2011 than now).. I want to get married again at our 10 year anniversary in 2021 and do it again!

  10. I’ve been married before and loved planning the wedding(s), but I think should I ever marry again, I will do it completely my way! Rather than making a big production with tons of people – I am definitely doing a simple beach wedding with our closest family and friends and a night out afterwards. Not a long line of bridemaids and groomsmen, just he and I. Simplicity.

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  12. ebony phillips says:

    Everything about ur wedding day was perfect and I’m so happy i got to be there…..i think i would hve been really suprised if you chose that shoe. I think the shoe you chose suited you well. This red one is hella sexy buutt what you wore was equally beautiful. Although less flashy but more you. Simple, classy, neat, sexy, perfect.. ..

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