Gift Ideas for the Cool Minimalist You Hang Out With

Looking for gift ideas for the minimalist in your life? Whatever you do, let it be thoughtful. Don’t give us things that will sit and collect dust. In fact, you don’t need to give us anything at all. You can keep the tangibles and instead give us an experience, quality time or some good positive vibes. Your presence in our lives is enough.

But if you would like to give us something to see, use, read, wear or treasure everyday, something that brings us pure joy, well go on then! We love those too. You can do some brainstorming right here with some of these thoughtful minimalist-friendly gift ideas.

Something to do or Somewhere to be:

Gift Ideas for the Cool Minimalist You Hang Out With

+ A Spa session – a nice massage comes to mind.

+ Concert – ones that you know they’d love. Like I would worship anyone right now who gave me John Legend tickets.

+ A Sporting event.

Shows and plays – how about a Broadway musical?

A cultural tour – like a get to know your country type tour. You can learn so much!

Something to learn – a sewing, cooking or composting class maybe?

Beer or wine tasting – yes please!

Something to have or Something to use:

Gift Ideas for the Cool Minimalist You Hang Out With

A plant – bamboo and bonsais come to mind. Bring some good energy into their space.

Flowers – will brighten up any space. And makes you feel all special and stuff.

Jewelry – like why not? It can be cherished and passed on to future generations.

Re-usable things such as cloth napkins, dryer balls and containers.

Books – E-books are always welcomed and doesn’t pick up your precious physical space. Also no clutter.

Something to Eat or Something to Drink:

Gift Ideas for the Cool Minimalist You Hang Out With

Cake is always good.

A fruit basket – yum!!

A basket of homemade goodies such as bread, biscuits, cake, jam, jelly etc.

Wine, whiskey or gin please and thank you.

What else?

Gift Ideas for the Cool Minimalist You Hang Out With

Donate in their name to a cause they support.

Spend some good quality time with them reminiscing or simply catching up.

Take them to lunch!

A movie date is always nice.

Points to take away: focus on the little things, make it memorable and make it meaningful. All the best!


What am I forgetting?

Thanks for stopping by!

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17 responses to “Gift Ideas for the Cool Minimalist You Hang Out With”

  1. These are great, thank you! My birthday is coming up, and some people are not sure yet what to get me so these are some good ideas I can pass on. 🙂

  2. jenny rose says:

    I’m quite the opposite of a minimalist, so this is super helpful for me! Buying a minimalist an experience rather than an item is such an obvious but great idea, why did I not think of that before!
    jenny x |

  3. Emily says:

    This is a really good idea because sometime we forget that some people don’t want more stuff to clutter up their lives.

  4. Love the idea of an e-book! Great way to save space

  5. Taryn says:

    These are all good suggestions! A massage never goes out of style!

  6. Gillian says:

    This is really helpful. As this Christmas money is a bit tight.

  7. Joscelyn says:

    Great ideas! I especially love the tours and class ideas because theres always something new to learn in life!

  8. Sheila Price says:

    Love your list! I recently compiled a list like this…I love the ideas you have and the way you presented them. So fun!

  9. Sheena Marie says:

    I love the idea of an activity as a gift! The memory of the experience will last way longer than the scarf !

  10. Alyssa says:

    Love your takeaway – focus on the little things 🙂

  11. Karolina says:

    The list is just perfect:D Being a minimalist (a cool one I hope;) I’d be glad to get most of the things from your list – well done! I think I should share it! 😀

  12. Anna says:

    Great ideas! I would personally love to get a ticket to a concert! I haven’t been to any in ages!!!

  13. Alina says:

    These are great gift ideas, and I feel that these gifts would be geat for anyone!

  14. J. Endress says:

    Solid list! I bought my partner a new Chef’s knife for Christmas – little things that keep giving always work. Thanks for sharing!

  15. These are all fantastic ideas! I’d be thrilled to receive any of them. I especially like the idea of gifting ebooks!
    I love your blog, and I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! You can see your nomination here: Congratulations, and Happy New Year! ?

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