10 Simple Self-care Practices for Everyday Life

10 Simple Self-care Practices for Everyday Life

We’re seeing self-care everywhere we turn now. Everyone and their grandpa’s best advice is to practice self-care. And you wonder, is this the new trendy thing to do? Is this just another fad? Well I sure as hell hope not!

I’m elated that people are now being encouraged to put themselves high up on the ‘take care of’ list as we are so boggled with everyday life that we tend to forget that we too need care and affection. Self-care is very subjective and hold different meanings to each of us. For me, it means taking some time to focus on me. It doesn’t have to be some big shebang, but it could mean that this week, I need to take a day off from work, or I’m going to the cinema solo or I’m just sitting here, doing absolutely nothing.

This post is not in any stretch of the imagination, a must do list, but I thought I’d share some of the simple self-care practices I put into motion in my everyday life. Maybe you can apply some of these too! So here goes.

Remove negative energy

It can be discussions with friends that are unproductive and mean-spirited, your own self-doubt, comparing one’s achievements to others in a negative way, and the list continues. On thinking deeply, we all know what negative elements wriggle their way into our lives and it’s best that we keep as many as we can, at bay. Creating, maintaining and existing in a positive space does a great deal for our moods, productivity and general outlook and approach on life.

Dress up and show up

10 Simple Self-care Practices for Everyday Life

My confidence is always way up there when I spruce myself up, even if I’m not leaving the house. Whip out those ‘only for special occasions” pair of shoes, put some make-up on and march to the beat of your own tune. I kid you not when I say being all dolled up puts that extra little pep in my step.

For some reason, I always run into tons of people I know when I’m looking disheveled so to prevent that, I wear my no makeup, makeup face. These days I’m loving the Christie Brinkley eye-shadow palette, blush and lipstick. They are all very subtle but gives your face some color and dimension. The shadows and blush blend like a dream and lasts all day and the lipstick doesn’t transfer (yes!!). What more could I possibly want really?

Have a cup of tea

You know that there is no way I’d talk about simple self-care practices and not talk about tea. This requires no explanation. You will find a myriad of teas that addresses almost every problem in the book. Lack of energy, restlessness, anxiety, overall health, everything! When I want to remain calm and in the present, a cup of tea is always not too far away. Here are some great ones!

Color something

As in getting out a coloring book and letting your creative juices come forth. There are some really great coloring books that work wonderfully when you want to be in your own head space. I use these a lot when I’m traveling.

Eat healthy and mindfully

I shouldn’t be preaching this as I myself fall in a rut sometimes where eating healthy is concerned. But a girl can try right? This is a constant struggle for me as I love sweet and high carb foods. My philosophy is to eat well with balance. I don’t cut anything out completely but I make sure that before anything else, those powerful and necessary foods are in my diet. Everything else comes after. We need our bodies to survive so we need to treat them right.

Simplify your schedule

Take the time to do what we need, and do it well. Doing too many things at once will make us as they say ‘a jack of all trades but a master of none’. Assess, prioritize and eliminate. This is probably the toughest suggestion for simple self-care practices as we tend to feel better when we’re busy all the time. It makes us feel important. A simple schedule doesn’t always mean having less to do, it just means that we’re more realistic and spend more meaningful time getting things done.

Take care of your hair, skin and nails

10 Simple Self-care Practices for Everyday Life

I use to take these things for granted but to be overall healthy, I started to pay more attention to these parts of my body. Everyone has their own little tips and tricks for scoring in this area but if you’re a curly girl like me, you’d love love love these hair treatments and styling cremes by Smooth’n Shine. They give my hair definition, shine and keeps the frizz away! But that’s just on the outside. I use and leave these hair, skin and nails supplements to work their magic from the inside out. Some of my tips are to always wear SPF when going outside, maintain a simple skincare routine and always listen to your body.

Go outside

I take the longer route to and from work every day because I need that outside time. My weekends are spent running errands and doing housework which sometimes limits me to really enjoying and taking in the outdoors. It can be so simple. Take a long walk, go for a bike ride, walk the dog. I don’t know what it is, but something about the breeze, random people scurrying about, and just being in the presence of nature makes me feel all good inside.

Read a book

Live in someone else’s shoes for a moment. Whether its fiction or otherwise. It’s relaxing and many times brings things into perspective. It just takes you into another dimension and sometimes that all you need.

Smell nice!

10 Simple Self-care Practices for Everyday Life

I love love love a good smelling man. Lol! Not the overly sweet, nauseating kind of smell that some fragrances give you, don’t get me wrong. Something nice and subtle that announces you’re there. When I don’t have that extra 30 seconds to apply perfume, I use my beloved body washes and lotions because they’re naturally in my daily routines. The Live Clean brand is one I turn to a lot as they have vegan and non-intrusive products that are perfect in this area. Not only do they smell nice, they are so nourishing! Thank me later.

And finally, learn to say no

This has been the thief of my joy for a long long LONG time. I have stretched myself so thin, all in an effort to please and accommodate others that I lost myself. On many occasions. Saying no is hard but if that word isn’t in your regular vocabulary, it won’t be long before your life is lived only for others. Not a fun place to be. I talk from experience.

What are some simple self-care practices you swear by?

Thanks for stopping by!

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16 responses to “10 Simple Self-care Practices for Everyday Life”

  1. Cait says:

    eek i love all these self care ideas too- i def need to add more to my day!

  2. Going outside and listening/reading self improvement ways are some of my favorite self-care methods. Yesterday I also had a prenatal massage and it did wonders for my stress!

  3. Melanie says:

    Yes!!! I love your tips here, especially about simplifying things. That’s something I’m working on right now – with an A-type personality, it sometimes proves to be a little tricky. But, I’m trying and planning a LOT less in my day so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I completely agree about taking time outside, making time for tea, and saying no to things. Self care is so important and I know it’s everywhere right now, but it’s truly something I believe in and write about a lot, too. We need to share these messages often! Have a super week!


  4. Lily says:

    Learning to say is a hard one for me — I am a people pleaser and often times forget to say no.

  5. LillaFR says:

    I absolutely adore those makeup sets! The color is so refreshing. And especially thank you for the “learn to say no” part… so many people missing that but it’s the essence of creating time for yourself.

  6. Brooke says:

    Getting outside, and out of the house in general, is a huge one for me. My entire mood shifts when I have an outing (with or without kids) planned.

  7. Tiia says:

    Good tips! Thank you for sharing these ones. 🙂

  8. awe these are great ideas! I noticed recently how much creating a beautiful smelling atmosphere really boosts my mood! and being outside is a big thing for me!

  9. Summer says:

    Simplifying as much as you can is one of the greatest things you can do for your mental health, that’s for sure.

  10. Marci Smith says:

    I finally got my nails done again a week ago, and my confidence has SOARED. It’s so important to make sure we take care of ourselves.

  11. Sheila Price says:

    Such great ideas! It’s so true that we take care of ourselves most when everything is simplified. I loved the mindful eating, simplifying your schedule, and saying no parts.

  12. Carrie says:

    This is a great article. I love that you add eating healthy. It’s usually left off these types of lists but soooo important!!

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