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Health Wise: My New Plant-Based Diet

Health Wise: My New Plant-Based Diet

I made an aspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle this year. Currently I’m as unhealthy as unhealthy gets. I don’t exercise regularly, I don’t eat balanced meals and I eat lots of take out and junk food. I do, however, have a grand plan, so hear me out. It’s a plant-based diet.

Years ago I reached my health pinnacle through doing the opposite of everything I mentioned above. I not only looked healthy, but I felt fresh, energetic and contented every day. I was happy with my skin, my weight and my overall presence. There were some drastic changes in my life which, I wouldn’t say caused me to fall off, but definitely encouraged it.

So! To address this phenomena, I have made the drastic decision to no longer have animal products of any sort in my diet. I’m going to incorporate a plant-based diet into my life. I know this takes time and dedication but if I want to travel well into my 90’s, I’ve got to address this now. I’m in no way labeling myself as anything as I intend to be realistic and want this way of life to be sustainable.

It’ll hold me to some accountability if I profess myself to be vegan, but let’s face it, I’d be a hypocrite to say so. I still own leather bags and shoes and beauty products that are not cruelty free. I hope that gradually these items can be phased out but in the mean time I’m taking things slowly. So in the interim, plant-based diet it is.

This post is not to preach that meat and dairy is unhealthy in any way, but for me, it surely hinders my quest to live a healthy lifestyle. In essence, I think it’s unhealthy for me. I will also be cutting back (not cutting out) processed foods and carbs. Carbs taste the best! There will be more leafy veggies, complex carbs and legumes. I will also take a B12 supplement as it can’t be derived from plants and our bodies needs it.

I for sure will miss these foods but it’s worth it for me. This change is more health related as apposed to ethical and environmental. That’s not to say that I don’t have those in mind, but it’s not the reason for this change.

This change is a stretch and is quite drastic as I am of the belief that you shouldn’t need to cut out anything totally, but go along with moderation. This is the exception for me. I need this jolt to get me going. I’ll need help for sure with recipes (I’m looking at this book right now and this one too) and so if you know of any vegan or vegetarian bloggers or authors, do let me know! One of my favorite bloggers is releasing her own vegan cookbook pretty soon so I can’t wait for that. I’ll check in every month to say how my new lifestyle is working out and if I’m holding up my end of the bargain. Wish me luck!

What do you do to keep healthy? Do you have any healthy recipe recommendations?

…and thanks for stopping by!


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17 responses to “Health Wise: My New Plant-Based Diet”

  1. Patricia says:

    Good luck on your new, healthier diet! I think with your dedication and a plan, you will be able to make this year a successful and healthier year for you.

  2. Deborah says:

    La Shell – I too am heading your way – into the vegan lifestyle. Cutting down on carbs where
    I can or at least make a healthy alternative. I had been vegan for 10 years during my vegetarian
    sojourn as a teen. While I tend not to be a spicy cook (so many cook this way) I love home
    produce – nothing like that “simple fresh” taste. Will be connected to see how you go πŸ™‚

  3. Going plant-based is definitely a healthy choice, as is cutting back on processed foods. Best of luck! It’s going to be challenging, but if you are committed I’m sure you can succeed πŸ™‚

  4. Bryan Carey says:

    Plant- based diets are certainly a good idea. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say anything negative about them, at least from a health perspective. I’m not sure I could do it, as it would be difficult to give up my burgers, ice cream, cheese, and so on. But hey, I could still drink my beer, since it is entirely plant based!

  5. Good luck with this new change in your lifestyle. I have always been a vegetarian (since birth) so I cannot imagine how much effort it might be to change … but I have never felt I was missing anything.


  6. Leah says:

    Wow!!! Props to you!! Going all in!! This year I told myself the kids and I are going plant based 3 days a week then maybe work our way up from there, husband thought I was crazy and it not joining in but animal products are hard on my body so it is time to do something, totally get where you are coming from!! Good luck, I do have a mean and delicious mushroom veggie burger on the site and hope to have more plant based recipes this year along with ideas on how to convert those leftovers into other meals. Good luck to you in 2018, I must say your post has got me motivated!!

  7. That sounds awesome and so good for you! Good luck!!!

  8. Lucy says:

    Good luck with your new eating habits, it’s a complete change so I’m sure it will be hard at first. But once you have made it a habit your tastes will change and it will be easy.

  9. I applaud you for making this decision for your health. I don’t think I could go entirely plant-based, but I’m close to it and loosely follow a Paleo diet. I typically drink a lot of smoothies that I make myself, with fruits and veggies and “super food” nutrients. I also – during cold weather – make soups in the slow cooker, and focus mostly on veggies and lean meat and poultry.

  10. Good Luck on your new diet! I don’t think I could go entirely plant-based. You inspire me!

  11. Good luck on your new journey. Hope you can find the sweet spot between health and indulgence – lots of good things to be said for plant based diets πŸ™‚

  12. Sarah Dean says:

    Good luck with your food journey! I’m a vegetarian but currently doing Veganuary with plans to carry on after the month ends. I am doing this mainly for the animals but health is another factor. I need a bit of a health boost this year and diet seemed the best place to start. πŸ™‚

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