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I opened a plantshop!

I opened a plantshop!

So big news everyone! Sean and I opened a plantshop! And we are so excited.

I’ve always pegged having a plantshop as my pride and joy in retirement. It may seem weird to be talking about retirement now but when last I checked, I have exactly 301 more pay cheques to get before I hit retirement age and well if you can count barely as much as I can, you’d know that that is NOT a lot.

I got into houseplants exactly one year ago when we bought our home and it started with a Sansevieria and a Peperomia for both my bathrooms, and that was it! I was hooked.

While sharing my plant journey online people started to reach out to me for plant advice and plant sourcing. They even asked why I didn’t consider going into the business. I had thoughts and countless conversations about it with hubby, and even registered a name and the plantshop but I just couldn’t get to starting.

Fast forward nine months and here we are, Modern Bloom Collective. We specialize in delivering small indoor plants that are easy to take care of. We want everyone to enjoy plant living and we want you to do so without busting the bank. We’re keeping things fresh by stocking low numbers and changing out plants often so that variety is always there. We’re making houseplants easy and exciting, for you!

We launched two weeks ago and feedback has been overwhelming. Eleven days, almost 100 plants and one panic attack later, we are all out of stock and are on the hunt for new and unique plant babies. I thought I loved plants but it’s clear my love is teeny tiny compared to some of you folks. You give me pause sometimes. Lol.

It’s back breaking work but I am enjoying every minute of it.

Feel free to follow along over on Instagram and Facebook and look out for random blurps over here!

Thank you to everyone who continue to support us and we look forward to sharing all of our plant babies with you.

What do you look for in a plantshop?

Thank you for stopping by!


PS ~ Confessions of a new plant mom and minimal living!

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