Confessions of a New Plant Mom

Confessions of a New Plant Mom

Since when are you into plants so much?!. Words of my friends and family who’ve all been puzzled by my seemingly new and random extreme love for plants. It is what it is you guys, I’ve found plants, I love them, the end. Lol.

This all started last year July when we moved into our new home. There was this unexplained impenetrable need to buy two plants before we moved, to outfit our bathrooms. Listen. It was on my mind for days. I scoured the internet looking for plants that didn’t need lots of light and who would flourish with little care. With not much effort at all, I got my first two real plants and became a plant mom! My first babies were a Sansevieria and another green leafy buddy whose name escapes me. Us four were a team (Sean included of course, albeit unwillingly). We were ready for this playing house thing. This all grown up adulting stuff.

I remember vividly during childhood, helping my mom shuffle plants in and out of the house at least twice a year and we had quite a lot. The only one I can remember vividly was a Golden Pothos growing in water hanging on our living room wall. So of course, that’s the first plant I asked for when shopping around, but annoyingly no one had a clue what I was talking about as I didn’t know it’s name. Only now, six months on, have I acquired my first pothos (yay!).

With that said, I have a few confessions to make as a new plant mom. Well, not confessions so much but rather just musings.

Growing plants indoors is not easy. Like at all. I see folks everywhere with tons of plants inside and they look SO lush and green. But lo and behold, when I tried it, it took quite the bit of science and attention. Things I didn’t take into consideration that ended up hitting me like a ton of bricks (because some plants did not make it out to tell the tale) were things like source and volume of light, watering patterns in relation to light, potting mixes for different varieties, drainage (sigh), humidity and so on and so on.

I easily went from two plants to closer to 20 in a matter of months and that’s nothing because I’m on the hunt for more, still. What surprised me the most is that while I’m usually very budget conscious, when coming to plants, spending a lot is easily justifiable. When I have some spear change, I’d visit the not so cheap but full of unique plant shops. When I’m on a really tight budget, I’d visit the cheapy but always the right fix shops where I can always pick up the usual small, more common varieties.

Plants have made a massive impact on my life in a positive way I must say. I’ve found something that I can take care of but if I don’t pay it attention for a day or two, it won’t die (or result in me going to prison). They’re living, breathing things and it’s been amazing seeing them grow and adapt to the world we make for them (I mean they are all meant to be outdoors). Tending to and fussing over them brings me so much calm and joy. There’s always so much space to just think and have to myself.

Like us, they’re all quite different and it’s a shitload of fun trying to figure out and learn them all. They’re not the most boisterous but if something is wrong, they find a way to tell you. Unfortunately, some are way more unforgiving than others and I’ve learned that the hard way. Good thing is, I’ve become a better plant mom because of some of these early mistakes.

I also thought everyone were green thumbs but me. While I have quite a few flourishing ones now, I’ve killed many. Only when I started listening to plant podcasts and hearing ‘expert’s’ and botanists say that they’ve brought bad fortune to many a plant themselves, did I ease up on the guilt. Lol. As silly as it seems.

Through all of this I’ve learned so much. Understanding the importance of coordinates (hi south facing window!) and how pests can make you twist and turn at night and that plants have ‘feelings’ had a light-bulb effect on me. With this new knowledge came an amazing new hobby and enough stimulation to keep my brain busy and active for millennia.

All of this to say in a very roundabout way, if you’re afraid of or intimidated by having plants of your own, you should most definitely put your toes in to see if plant parenthood is for you. There are tons of material out there for every kind of plant parent, and with Instagram and Facebook groups, you’re never far from instant advice.

So to my friends who are confuffled by my new found love, I say not to be. Just join me!

So plant friends, what musings do you have as a plant mom?

…thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Simone Dubarry says:

    LOL…This was so good! Welcome to the dark side Plant Mama!!

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