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Little Joys

Random little things that brought me some joy this week.

  • Coffee beans – I’m no coffee drinker but these beans come in handy as decor and gives a nice aroma to the place.

Little Joys


  • Pretty blue vase ~ it’s usually empty but this week I tried to spruce it up a lil.

Little Joys


  • These juicy mangoes!

Little Joys


  • This branch wall! I want one!

Little Joys


  • Incense ~ not the overly smokey kind.

Little Joys


P.S ~ I could do with some of these wine lollipops !! Also, here are some of my other little joys!


Have a great weekend!

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2 responses to “Little Joys”

  1. ebony phillips says:

    Coffee beens?? I’ll have to try this. Thanks

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