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Holiday Gift Guide for the Travel Inspired Woman

Holiday Gift Guide for the Travel Inspired Woman

It’s that time of year again! This year I am SO feeling the Christmas Spirit which means I’ve got a holiday gift guide for you. Many of you are probably early shoppers and are done with your holiday gift buying, but some of you are more like me. We are in the middle of the early shopper and the last minute rush buyer. I hope this post catches you in time!

I’m not one for mass shopping as you can tell from my post on minimalism at Christmas, but I still love giving a good, practical gift during the holidays. Women who love to travel enjoy getting gifts we can actually use when we’re globe trotting. There are different types of travelers (backpackers, luxe, island hopper etc) so of course it’d be best to buy gifts tailored to them. My holiday gift guide however, covers items that any traveler would appreciate.

1. Wheeled Underseat Carry-On Bag

The average person who travels will tell you that traveling light is best. Of course there are a few of us who love to tote around hundreds of pounds of luggage to ensure we have a new outfit for every outing, but by far that is the minority. I am a carry on luggage only convert and there is no way I am going back to checked luggage. This one has wheels, is small enough to fit under the seat, can hold a multitude of items with helpful compartments and is quite stylish. Practical, good quality luggage is a must for all frequent flyers. You do NOT want to know what it’s like having your cheapy duffel bag bust open in the middle of an airport (hi!).

2. Compression Socks

These were a Godsend for me when we traveled to Paris earlier this year. I did not go a day without them on my trip. Or any trip for that matter now that I have been introduced to them. My feet get tired and swollen very easily, both when I’m off of them for too long and when I’m on them too long. We had 20 and 18 hour flights to Paris with several layovers and gate changes. Not to mention we had really long walks in Paris. Might I say that these were an absolute savior? These socks are designed to help your feet out when they’re being pushed to the limit. They provide support from foot to calf and are of great quality.

3. Scarf Wraps

These come in extremely handy as you can use them several ways. I’m sure many a holiday gift guide will recommend these, and there is a reason for that. We usually have to fend off many a cold airport and plane ride. I use them to cozy up on long rides whether by plane, train, bus and so on. If traveling to cold climates is a norm for the giftee, better yet! They’re quite tough and and can take a beating.

4. Packing Cubes

These are on my wishlist. When packing for a trip I’m always digging for pouches and cosmetic cases to put stuff in so that when I get where I’m going, my luggage makes more sense. These help with packing light and makes finding things in your luggage a breeze. They maximize on space and saves your clothes and other cherishables from getting crushed. Perfect for the avid traveler.

5. Earpods with Lightning Connector

I don’t need to say much here. Headphones can literally save you mentally when you’re on a traveling. Everyone benefits from a good pair of headphones, traveling or not. They spear you from the conversations of your traveling neighbors and makes watching movies and listening to music and podcasts during your travels an ease. Investing in good quality ones saves you a ton in the long run. The audio is better, they last a long time and are very robust. These can be any travelers’ companion.

6. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

The days of toting around heavy books while traveling are long gone. Today we can walk around with thousands of books on our person without that unmistakable feeling of wanting to throw it in the garbage because it’s too heavy and cumbersome. Kindle books are usually cheaper than their physical counterparts as well, so, there you go!

7. Available for Weekends Cosmetics Case

What is a holiday gift guide without a cosmetics case of some sort? These little lovelies are multifaceted and benefits any woman, cosmetics wise or not. I love how sturdy and roomy this case is and it’s so pretty as well. These cases fit in most travel bags and this one is customizable!

8. Multi Purpose RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

The ole’ cliched passport holder. We travelers love them. There are thousands to choose from but this one in particular calls out to me. It secures and protects much more than your passport and gives you the ease of knowing you can access everything you need document wise with ease. You can almost always get one to suit any budget as well.

9. Vera Bradley Weekender Bag

Whether for a weekend away, a day trip or a simple staycation, weekenders are the way to go for any traveler. They store so much and are quite the statement piece these days. Vera Bradley bags are versatile, sturdy and so colorful! Weekender bags are available everywhere online and in department stores to suit every budget.

A few other notable mentions:

Eye Masks – Some people need these to catch a snooze while traveling. Especially if their neighbor is up reading or watching tv.

Adult Coloring Books – Provides hours of engagement and entertainment.

Travel Pillow – You can’t go wrong with a good old travel pillow.

Well folks, there you have it, my holiday gift guide for the traveling woman. I hope it helps you with your gift giving!


What else are you buying that you I forgot?

…thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Marina says:

    I really like your picks. They look like something everyone would love.
    xo, Marina /

  2. I absolutely love that carry on, and I’m putting it on my Christmas list, stat! Great idea to wear compression sock when traveling. I definitely need to try that!

  3. Allison says:

    I love that wallet! And always headphones!

  4. Thena says:

    Such a great travel gift guide!!! I love these ideas for us females! Great roundup post!

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  7. sam Terry says:

    These picks really makes sense and especially for my wife who loves preparing very for every trip.

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