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Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

I visited Barbados a couple times before but I went to visit my Uni friends which meant my trip was full of partying and maybe some beach. This time around, I saw the island with different eyes. I got a chance to appreciate it for it’s sheer beauty and amazing weather. I’m a beach person, so quite honestly, the beaches were all I needed to consider this trip a success. We found one close to where we stayed and my heart was at peace. It was calm, empty, the waters crystal clear and there was a guy selling a U shaped jam tart that was sent straight from the Gods. I needed nothing else.

But alas, my husband and our friend made sure we saw more of the island. And so we did. There’s nothing I can say that can do the island justice, so I’d let the photos speak for themselves. This treasure can only be discovered truly and fully in person, but until then, lemme help you out!

Can we just say hello to these beaches? I spent most of my time on one or the other. My favorite was Carlisle Bay. It’s on the southwest coast of the island and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados


Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

We drove and explored the north coast a little bit. It’s very country and seems like a different island. The sea is quite rough on that side. We checked out Bathsheba, the Animal Flower Cave and an old sugar mill.

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados


Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

These cows were NOT living for this heat!

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

We spent a lot of time on the boardwalk as well. The water there is rough as hell, but it didn’t stop this gentleman from spearfishing.

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados

On our last night we had dinner at Tapas which is on the boardwalk. The food and drinks were so good! Definitely recommended. There were so many other things we didn’t get to do, but we’ll save them for next time!


Have you ever been to Barbados? What did you love most?

Thanks for stopping by!

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37 responses to “Photo Diary: A Weekend In Barbados”

  1. Tine says:

    Stunning photos! The one with the big rock is absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to go there some day cause I’m a beach person myself too but it may be out of our budget at the moment (we live in Europe so it’s quite expensive to get a flight there from where I am), if you got any tips on doing Barbados on a budget let me know cause I’d be very interested!

  2. Toni says:

    Very nice! Your photos are beautiful. Trying not to be jealous here. 🙂 I have to agree with Tine, the picture with the rock is gorgeous. It is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful photos!! Barbados is definitely on my list.

  4. Shakira says:

    I live in Barbados.And I am so glad you enjoyed your stay♥hope you come back soon❤❤❤

  5. Erin says:

    Those white sand beaches are so pretty! Very different from the beaches here in Georgia. I’d love to take a trip to Barbados. And I love that cute dress you’re wearing with the B&W top and colorful bottom!

  6. Kyles says:

    Looks so relaxing and beautiful. So glad you were able to enjoy yourself xoxo

  7. Morgan says:

    Your photos are beautiful!! I’ve never been to Barbados but it looks amazing! Hope yall had a great time!

  8. Katy says:

    Gorgeous photos! Y’all look like you had such a wonderful adventure in Barbados! I’ve never considered going there, but I’ll have to add it to my travel to-do list!

  9. So jealous! The beach looks stunning!

  10. Jem says:

    I’m glad you had so much fun! The water looks fabulous and you look like you had the island all to yourselves.

    Lovely photos and I hope I get to visit Barbados soon.

  11. Amanda says:

    Looks like such a lovely island! It’s been 20 yrs since I’ve been further south than Key West into the Caribbean, but it’s easily one of my favorite places to go.

  12. Jen S says:

    I would love to visit Barbados! It looks so pretty! One of my best friends has a friend from Barbados and he seems to think it’s a bit boring but I think he just wants to keep it to himself.

  13. Shannon says:

    Such beautiful photos! And you had such a cute printed outfit. Looks like a great time (:

  14. Mandy says:

    Looks like the perfect trip! I visited Barbados years ago on a cruise and loved what we saw! The beaches are amazing!

  15. Mila says:

    Great blog and a stunning country, wow I never knew!

  16. Gorgeous place ?. Beautiful pictures – love the colour of that blue sea . Looks like a great beach destination.

  17. Meghan says:

    Oh my goodness! Such lovely photos. I would love to visit Barbados someday!

  18. Arlene says:

    OMG can we say serious vacation envy? Lovely pictures! I especially love to see you and your honey cuddling in some of them. So sweet. Hopefully Barbados isn’t negatively affected by these hurricanes. Seems like such a beautiful place.

  19. Joan Cajic says:

    This looks so beautiful from the clear beaches to the views, I have never been to Barbados but I think it should be in my bucket list, really breathtaking.

  20. Cristina says:

    Never been to Barbados but I heard a lot of amazing things of its beauty.

  21. Maria says:

    Everything looks great. How I’d wish to go to Latin America one day… totally fell in love with the picture with the windmill <3

  22. That warm sand looks heavenly. Would love to visit Barbados soon!

  23. The beach looks so pretty there! That water looks so nice and clear, so unlike NY water lol.

  24. Your photos are so beautiful! The water always looks so nice when i see pictures from Barbados. I need to go there sometime soon.

  25. Shreya says:

    Such gorgeous pics! Those pics definitely speak for itself. Bluewater with white sandy beaches perfect piece of paradise.

  26. Oh wow, that looks absolutely incredible. I’ve never been to Barbados and I can’t see me being able to go for a while, but maybe one day. I need a holiday! X

  27. Rose says:

    I have never been so I love your pictures the most. I like to see different beaches because no beach is ever the same regardless of San and water. The sugar mill was neat. What was in the animal flower cave?

  28. We would love to do this trip and your blog post and pictures are great. Thanks for the tips, will hopefully be able to get there soon

  29. Adriana says:

    OMG Barbados looks amazing!

  30. Ophelia T says:

    Your photos are beautiful. I love Barbados and your post made me want to visit again. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Tachira says:

    Carlisle bay is five minutes from my house . I think it is the best beach here but I am biased . Your photos are gorgeous ?

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