How To Create Good Vibes At Home

How To Create Good Vibes At Home

Your home is your Temple as they say, and it’s a place where you’d like to leave all your baggage from the day, out of. If you’re like me who spends a lot of time in your place of abode, you want only good vibes at home. It’s where you unwind, spend each night and wake up every morning. You want to start and end the day on the right foot. Next to full time jobs, it’s where we spend most of our time.

Good vibes at home means different things for different people. Some call it Chi, some call it energy, some call it vibes. But the premise remains the same. We want to feel happy and at peace when we’re there.

This doesn’t just happen on it’s own and it takes some work to maintain, so here are a couple things I do to bring and keep positive energy and good vibes at home.

Keep it airy and light

If your home allows, open the windows and doors and let fresh and clean air flow through. If your area is polluted, try an air purifier. Having a house where breeze and light can easily flow through creates such a calming and positive space.

Good speech and good actions

Be mindful of what you speak into your home. There is something called talking things into existence and putting things into the Universe. Some may not believe, but in my experience, it is very real. Using words and building discussions with conscious thought impacts your family positively.

Declutter and beautify

Clutter can make any space heavy. It’s amazing how light we feel when we clear our home of extra stuff. Be it your closet, the kitchen, the garage, keeping a clean, clutter-free home invites good and positive energy. Add some fresh flowers or plants that promote easy flow of energy such as Lucky Bamboo. Try to refrain from plants with spikes and pickers such as cacti. Here’s a little read up on house plants for good energy. I love meaningful wall art and decals. It spruces up the place and brings me joy to look at them.

Crystals, lamps and Sage

All known for attracting positive energy and dispelling negative forces in your home, these are great additions to create good vibes at home. They are also beautiful for decorating. White sage has been used for eons and is known for promoting healing and keeping your home safe from unwanted guests. Salt lamps help with air purifying and stress while crystals absorb and recalibrate negative energy. Essential oils and incense adds a nice touch and leaves your home smelling so inviting.

Remove toxins

I remove as many toxins as I can realistically from my home. I have switched to more natural products that include little to no toxic chemicals. This extends to dishwashing, laundry and general home cleaning items (even dryer stuff). I have also turned to using natural handmade soaps and hair products. You can also make your own! There are tons of resources online and on Youtube.

Notable mentions:

What about you? How do you create and keep good vibes at home?

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22 responses to “How To Create Good Vibes At Home”

  1. Kyla Salonga says:

    Thank you for these tips! These are really helpful ❤️

  2. Sunrita says:

    I have been a bit skeptical about the salt lamps as I feel they are in abundance everywhere. Just like laughing Buddha was a trend! Wonder if it’s just another fad! Completely agree with declutterring!

    • I’m right here with you. I am always skeptical about things that seem to be the trend of the day. To some the salt lamp may be just a decorative piece but I have had friends and family who swear by it. I do too! I agree with you though, they ARE everywhere!

  3. I need to declutter!! But yesterday it was 60 degrees (crazy because we just had snow Weds & Thurs) but we opened all the windows and the door to our back porch and it was amazing!!!

  4. Cait says:

    i def needed to read this ha and i wrote a post about decluttering too- def something that needs to happen in my home right now!

  5. Michelle says:

    Keep it airy and light! I’m totally looking for an air purifier. I grew up in a place where we always had the windows open. Harsh winter leave my home feeling yucky in the cold months.

  6. Hi There I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award

  7. J. Endress says:

    This is great. We’re on the road, but whenever we have a temporary living situation that last more than a day or two, we try to employ a lot of these tips. I read recently that a dusty house can also contribute to weight and health issues. All about keeping it uncluttered and airy.

  8. Abi says:

    Great post! While I may not have taken this advice seriously a few months ago, I can say these things really do make a difference after trying some of the things listed here.

  9. Leah says:

    Love Love Love this!! I am always in a better mood when clutter is removed!! I talked to my husband the other day because he has been Mr. Negative Poo lately and told him for every negative thing he says I want him to say 5 positive, because the vibe is contagious!! Still working on the removing toxins but getting there!!! Great post!

  10. justine says:

    excellent tips! i’m always down for a good vibe at home. loud music, candles burning, and a decluttering session is my idea of a perfect day! we move a lot so throwing things away is my favorite past time 🙂

  11. So many good ideas! This has really helped as I’m redecorating at the moment 🙂

  12. Courtney CJ says:

    I’m in the process of apartment hunting for a newer place and one of my must-haves is great natural light. I had never really considered Dallas a long-term stop but my mind has since changed and I’m ready to create my oasis.

  13. Sheila Price says:

    I love your tips…especially the one about good speech and actions. It is so true that words are powerful!

  14. Awesome read! We love full time in our RV, so we have to constantly stay clutter free and as simplistic as possible!

  15. It is so important to keep your home as a serene and comfortable place to get away from the outside world. Thank you for the tips!

  16. Kat says:

    I don’t know too much about crystals and sage and the like, but I’ll try anything to remove stress from my environment!

  17. Lydia Samson says:

    I love this! It is so easy to allow stress and anxiety to build up in the home, instead of being intentional about the energy and intention a we are feeding in. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. Stephanie says:

    These are all great tips. Decluttering is such a long process in my home because we just bought it and are trying to get everything in place, but it’s at the top of my priority list.

  19. blognerd says:

    Those are great tips. Clutter blocks the flow of good energies around the home.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Jasmine says:

    This was very helpful. Our homes need to be the most peaceful, it’s where most of of spend the most time!

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