10 Things I’m Loving ~ August 2019

10 Things I'm Loving ~ August

It’s August! Aka my birth month, aka the easiest month on the roads traffic wise. Man I am sooooo enjoying being on the roads these days. My commute to work is just half hour and I am over the moon.

Anyhoo! Here’s what I’m loving these days.

My plant shop! Eeek! I’m really saying that. Modern Bloom Collective is blooming and although I am overly tired most days, I know it’s part of the process of developing a business and I am really excited about everything this little shop will be.

Plackers Flossers – I’ve been really keen on keeping good oral hygiene since I had to be extra vigilant when I had braces back in 2010. I must say that I truly love these flossers. They’re easy to use, travel with and they even have ones for kids and folks with braces!

Sofas ~ I know. A little weird but every room in my house aside from my kitchen and master bedroom (for now) has a sofa. Ok maybe not the baths but can we change that? Lol. I just love that I can go anywhere in my home and be comfy. We make sure to get good quality durable ones even if they cost an arm and a leg. Thinking of something bright for our pretty dark toned bedroom. Any you can think of?

This amazing Etsy store. I got four pieces from them recently with our wedding anniversary, my first name initial and birthstone and my entire name engraved. They’re dainty pieces and pretty precious. Perfect for gift giving. Peep my IG stories to see what I got. 

I LOVE the PlantKween on Instagram. He is a plant enthusiast like myself and I look forward to his musings every day. 

Louis ~ I don’t need to say much here. He is a DREAM.

This artisan macrame shop. I’ve seen macrame all through childhood and now I have a few pieces in my own home that I can’t get enough of.

Travel planning ~ I couldn’t travel to my liking for the past two years due to buying a house and dealing with some personal challenges, but all that’s about to change! I have four spots already carded for next year and I’m still planning.

Mango sorbet!

What are you loving these days?

Thanks for stopping by!

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