3 Things I Love About Travel (and 3 things I hate)

3 Things I Love About Travel (and 3 things I hate)

Ah, that wanderlust! I read one such named book by Danielle Steel many moons ago but had no idea that it was really a thing. There are so many things I love about travel, just the nature of it is so intoxicating.

As a child we never traveled. Things were just too tight for that. So I started traveling when I was a teen and it began when an old boyfriend who worked at an airline put me on his list as a companion. Hello free flights! Man we had a time. My first international trip was to London all by our 19 year old lonesomes. Man the memories. I even got to meet up with a friend I met on the internet that lived there. Can you believe? Would I do that now? Probably yes! Would you?

Anyway, if you’ve been following me for some time you’d know that I love love love being on new roads. The people, the cultures, the food, the everything. I mean what’s not to like? I think about the years where I did little to no travel and life was just ok and I wonder, what the hell was wrong with me?!?

Well, just like everything, there’re two sides to the coin and yeah that includes travel, too. Here are the top three things I love about travel and a couple things I’d rather do without.

What I love about travel

The trips out of my comfort zone

Finding your groove in a place other than home, can be a task. But a good task. I give all props to people who move with the seasons because it’s something I’d surely do if my life (at the moment) allowed it. You’re in a new place, with different people, some you’ve never seen before (like when I saw the truly deep skin of people from some African nations I was amazed. They looked so majestic. Or when I saw orthodox Jews for the first time) and you’re just mesmerized. You wonder, where the hell have I been all these years?

You’ve got to figure out everything. The timezones, the unspoken do’s and don’ts, and for a directionally challenged person, the way around! Stepping out of the door everyday brings a new adventure and something new to learn. It pretty much shakes you to your core, even if you’ve done it a million times before.

The people

This is, by far, my favorite thing about traveling. The people. We are so interesting as a species. Where ever I go, people watching is a planned event. The mannerisms, the hellos, the cultures. How they relate to children, elders, women, food, dress, everything. It’s amazing! I love that in France people sit and enjoy each other. They talk A LOT and cell phones are no where to be found when company’s around. They love personal space and warm up when you make an effort to speak the language. Vastly different to Venezuelans who are extremely warm and love to be IN your space. Lol! They smile, touch and embrace quite a bit. Canadians! The most polite, ever! And who’s more loud, proud and love to dress up than a Jamaican? I can go on but I think you get the gist.

The memories 

I’ve started vlogging when I go on vacations. I make sure to spend most of my time in real time and just soak everything in, but I’ve found a new love for sitting and reminiscing of trips before. It brings such a welcoming nostalgia. Randomly a memory would pop up and I’d turn to Sean and say ‘hey do you remember when we ate crepes at the shop on so and so street every day while we were in Paris?” or remembering the fresh piping hot mint tea my mother in law made for me in Jamaica every morning. Material things bring joy for sure but these experiences and memories last a lifetime. Have you ever struck up a conversation with a fellow traveler about someplace you’ve both been? OMG! I never want them to end. Stories abound.

What I don’t

Oh boy where do I even start? I mean the positives heavily outweigh the negatives but trust me, they’re still there and can definitely put a spoke in my wheel.

The actual traveling part

As in, getting on the plane/train/cab. I dislike the airport trauma the most. I dread it every single time. My excitement wanes quite a bit when all the metal detectors come out and the sniffer dogs wander around to get you all nervous and paranoid. Hate it. I totally get the need for it, but I think the appeal of regional (Caribbean) travel is growing on me because yeah they do have all this stuff, but it’s dulled down x100. I also get really bad parched lips and throat due to the dry recycled air in planes and for some reason I always get an allergic reaction. So I’m always prepared for the sneezes and the throat clearing and watery, itchy eyes. Yeah, not glamorous at all.

The cost

Jesus. I mean. Travel is hella expensive! Inter-island travel is actually the worst. Yes the flights are ok priced but you ever tried booking a hotel in the Caribbean? The prices are STEEP! And unfortunately, I must say this has been the main reason I haven’t been doing much of those. Even though most of them aren’t even 40 minutes away. Because of my location, almost all travel is costly. We spend days on end tracking good flights and we always get something reasonable, but it takes work. Oh the pleasure it would be to live somewhere like Europe or Asia where your next trip is just a train ride away. Or even the US. Just jump in your car and get on the road. The envy! I’m surrounded by water soooo yeah, planes for everything and every where.

The Judgement

I know, weird one isn’t it? But you’d be surprised at the judgments I get for being a fairly frequent flyer. And trust me, it ain’t all that frequent. People make comments as though they’re trying to say something good, but it’s always a bit underhanded and sly. Things like “OMG I wish I could travel as much as you do, but you know, I’ve got bills and shit”. Like ok, Lol. So do I ma’am! So do I. Or “Money!” Ummmm, lol, I wish! But what can I do? It’s not really my business at all how you feel about my travel. It’s a bummer still, though. Oh well.

I could go on for hours about what I most love about travel but alas, we must get on to other pressing things.

What about you? What do you love about travel? What’re your pet peeves?

…thanks for stopping by!


PS ~ Everything about my love for travel!

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18 responses to “3 Things I Love About Travel (and 3 things I hate)”

  1. Cait says:

    omg could not love this post more my friend- i adore traveling esp getting out of my comfort zone as well- it just feels good in my soul ya know? but yes some people do judge but they just don’t understand, in my opinion, how traveling can help shape you!

  2. Lacy Ngo says:

    I love all these things about traveling. I actually love the travel part as well. My family sometimes makes the best memories in transit. Yes the cost is the only downside adn maybe all the catch-up work and laundry when I get back.

  3. Annaliese says:

    I love to travel as well! The expenses can be a bummer though. I’m finishing paying off school debt right now, so for the next year trying to focus on short domestic trips. Someday I’ll do more international trips!

    xoxo A

  4. Whitney says:

    I love traveling. I never traveled as a kid. We would always just go to my grandparent’s house. Since meeting my husband about 10 years, we’ve been going on a week long trip just about every year and sometimes little menu trips throughout the year. I love traveling, but I hate flying!

  5. Lily says:

    I am not much of a traveler, but I can definitely see why you love it and hate it. I think one thing I wouldn’t like would be the packing/unpacking process. LOL!

  6. I get super jealous of people who travel often, but I’d never judge them for it. I’m sure you work very hard for your money and you deserve to spend it on anything you’d like! Right now I have other things that I prioritise over travel, but hopefully one day that will change as there is so many gorgeous places to visit – and I want to see them all!

  7. Amanda says:

    I wish it wasn’t so expensive to travel! The part I like about it, is all the memories & the flights getting there.

  8. Lisa says:

    OMG – I travel often for work, and I get the judgment, too! Love this post.

  9. Sarah Dean says:

    My lists are pretty similar to yours. I love exploring new places and discovering different cultures. Travelling to me is more than seeing the tourist spots (though they can be great too) – I love to wander backstreets, go off the beaten track and of course, people watch.

    THANK YOU for pointing out some people’s passive-aggressive comments as a negative. Everyone has different priorities – yes, maybe I travel more frequently than some but I spend a lot less on what other people may consider their priorities or interests (fashion, cars, clubbing… whatever it is). Also, I stay mostly in hostels or cheap hotels, which most of the people commenting would never dream of doing. Again, that’s fine but it’s why I can afford it more often!

    Got a bit rambly there – sorry! But great post! 🙂

  10. AImee says:

    The actual traveling part is the worst! Haha I totally agree with you. I love this post!

  11. adriana says:

    It really can get expensive, but you can never replicate the experience! Great post!

  12. Travel calms me down, most times. I usually take a trip when I’m “full to the brim” and en-route, I get better! My only challenges comes with my irregularity in meals.

    1 minute, I’m eating and thereafter, I take another whole 7 hours without another meal….

    Other than that, we’re ait, Shell. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Mar says:

    You’re right, the cost is NO fun. But all worth it for the memories made 🙂

  14. Tina Basu says:

    The memories that travel gives are priceless and easily the best part of travel, for me too.

  15. I totally agree with everything you said! Especially speaking about cost, travel should be so much cheaper than it is! I would see way more places if I could afford it all!

    The Classic Brunette

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