My Top Lipsticks for 2018

My Top Lipsticks for 2018

So as we know (and thank goodness) bullet lipsticks have made a come back. I cannot tell you how much I loathed liquid lipsticks. Especially the matte ones. OMG! They were forever dry and uncomfortable. I always turn back to my true and tested traditional lovelies. To be honest, traditional lippies didn’t go far away, but they sure got pushed aside for their younger, supposedly phenomenal and more popular liquid sister. Thank God that’s over. Lol.

I’m not sure what it is, but lipsticks do so much for my confidence. When I wear a popping lip color it makes me actually want to talk to people, because I feel so pretty and out there. It’s really that simple for me. With that said, there are some things I definitely need in a lipstick. They must be long wearing, easy to apply, complementary to my complexion and non-scented.

The Lip Service lipsticks from The Organic Skin Co.┬ámade the cut easily. So much so, I dare call two of the shades my top lipsticks for 2018. And here’s why.

My Top Lipsticks for 2018

These lipsticks are made with 100% natural ingredients with a large portion being organic. They’re also ethically created and are full of amazing extracts like rosemary and calendula. They’re both very flattering on deep skin tones and are quite moisturizing. Another major plus is no transfer or bleeding. After having many a conversation with lipstick on my chin (the shame), this is something I specifically look for. They’re unscented and do not crease or roll up after long wear. Length of wear is average and you may need to built it up a bit to get the true beauty of the shades. That’s a plus because I can wear them as muted as I feel to on any given day.

I’ve been wearing Galaxy and Star Dust and they’re both quite unique. Galaxy is a deep, rich red with brown undertones and looks almost chocolatey. It has a glossy finish and feels really light on the lips. Very similar to a lip topper or balm. The red is subtle but impactful and can work for occasion from a girls night out to a job interview. No lip lining necessary.

Star Dust is frosty with flecks of fine glitter, but smooth without the grit as you find in many sparkly lipsticks. It’s a pink, peach, nude blend and I love it! It spreads so easily and a little goes a long way with this one. Like Galaxy, this one is buildable and I appreciate that here because light frosty colors can be a brown girls’ worst enemy. So the fact that I can control application with just the right amount of pigmentation, renders it a keeper. If you have a dark deep skin tone you may need a lip liner with this lady. I wear this shade when I want a soft and natural look. I usually pair it with coral blush, brown mascara and lightly done eyebrows. Perfect for the office.

My Top Lipsticks for 2018

I leave the best feature for last. The packaging!!! It screams natural and earthy with the right amount of glam. It’s light, compact and is a quirky conversation piece. The rose gold lettering sealed the deal for me. This is my first time trying The Organic Skin Co. and I’m really happy I came across them.

My Top Lipsticks for 2018

All in all, I’m in love and never without these babies at my side. They walk around in my handbag and they’re so versatile, I can use them any which way I fancy.

So tell me, what are your top lipsticks for 2018? Although I have my faves, I’m always on the lookout for newbies.

Thanks for stoping by!

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11 responses to “My Top Lipsticks for 2018”

  1. Simone Dubarry says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve never seen this brand before though but the packaging looks fab. My non stop nude fav is Untainted Spice by Maybelline and Revlon Colorburst Standout Remarquable is my fun red lippie.

  2. Alice Mola says:

    I’ve never seen products from this company before but I really like the true red color! Lovely!

  3. Kate werth says:

    I love my liquid matter but they will never EVER replace my MAC Viva Glam!! Weirdly enough, wet n wild has a good liquid that feels so silky and doesn’t harden.

  4. Lanae Bond says:

    I love how this product looks especially the shades you featured. I always gravitate to the reds and pinks.

  5. Krystin says:

    These are gorgeous colours, I’m obsessed with nude lipsticks so I’ll definitely try the Star Dust colour!

  6. Love the shade Galaxy. I tend to stick to glosses a lot, but with the cool weather lately, I’m wearing just lip balm. But the red lipstick is making me think, I need to put a little color on my lips on top of my lip balm.

  7. Cristina says:

    Never heard of the Organic Skin Company, but I love their packaging.

    Love the nude lipstick so much!

  8. Annaliese says:

    The shades are beautiful! I haven’t heard of this brand but it looks great.

    xoxo A

  9. Awe I love true organic skin co! I have some face stuff from them that’s amazing!

  10. i have not heard of this brand. the swatches look great though, i’ll have to look for them

  11. These sound amazing and the shades are beautiful.

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