Top Picks For Curly Hair with Smooth n Shine

Top Picks For Curly Hair with Smooth n Shine

So if you folks follow me on Instagram (I know you are, just kidding), you’d know that my friends over at Smooth n Shine sent me a bunch of stuff to try out. I’ve been using them constantly for about a month give or take, in different combos and now I think I can confidently say which are my favorites.

Let me preface this mini review by saying that this brands’ products are bomb! Some didn’t work that well on my hair but the folks I gifted them too love them! These products are sulfate free ( a must with natural hair), safe for kids and doesn’t dry out or dull colored hair. In other words, they’re perfect for just about anyone with natural hair. You just need to find the right product for you.

Like most hair products, you need to prod and poke to get the perfect match;┬ábut with their extensive curly hair line, there’s no doubt that something in the line would be an awesome fit for you. So on to my favorite Smooth n Shine products! And for reference, I have thick, coarse 4B hair that has a tendency to dry out quickly.

Styling Custard

This product was developed to battle frizz and hydrate. It has a thick consistency that applies and disperses easily throughout the hair. It helps to hold my curl definition without that annoying crisp or build up and it smells so good. My hair isn’t normally frizzy so I can’t say if the claims hold up to that. If you’re the type that really isn’t in the market for gel but wants to have your curls stay in place, then you should give this one a try.

Deep Recovery Treatment

As mentioned earlier, my hair can get dry real quick and this product helps with that. It contains Camellia Oil and Shea Butter and leaves my hair so soft! I use this right after a wash as it helps with detangling as well. My hair has been colored for quite a while so anything to keep the moisture and shine in, I love. I use this as my leave in conditioner and use it whenever I wash, so once a week.

Curl Defining Mousse

Paired with the styling custard, my curls get an extra pop and are so light and fluffy! I twist and do bantu knots at night and in the morning I get the most insane big pouffy curls. They are extra dreamy. They stay in shape and has the most beautiful natural looking shine. My hair is pretty short so one puff is good enough. If you have longer hair, you’d need a couple puffs. I sort of soak my hair in it. Lol. Something about mousses make me want to add more and more for no reason at all. Lol. I use this on dry or damp hair and it works fine either way. Make sure to shake well before using.

Detangling Foam

I think EVERY natural girl needs a detangling technique. Mine is usually done in the wash when I’ve got conditioner in, but that takes a LONG time. Time I never seem to have. I’m glad for this one the most because my hair is growing out again and it has cut my wash time in half. The Smooth n Shine instructions says to use a comb to help the process but I never use a comb in my hair. It causes it too much stress. So I finger comb and it works just as good. I mix this one with Carrot Oil if I’m extra short on time and it detangles even faster!

Anti-Breakage Lotion

As some of you know, black hair is very fragile and needs pampering if it’s to grow and thrive as you’d like it. It takes a lot of work and practice to get it right. So, if there’s a product to help with that, then why not? This product helps to prevent breaking by minimizing split ends while moisturizing and rebuilding already damaged hair. It’s awesome for growth retention. There is a thick-ish consistency but doesn’t leave residue or buildup. Always welcomed.

Curl Defining Gel

This is my favorite Smooth n Shine product by a long stretch. I need gel. Always. This gel is light, not thick or silicon-y. Has barely any fragrance and best of all, is not crunchy and flaky (yuck). I use this the most out of all the products and will definitely be purchasing when it’s done. I have no idea when that’ll be though because a little goes a loooooooong way. It isn’t the best to keep hair flat and in place, such as edges, but it is perfect for keeping curls pumped and soft!

Notable mention: Quenching Co-wash. I’m new to co-washing and just started using this one so will update as time goes on on how I’m liking it.

Have you tried any Smooth n Shine products before? Which ones do you really love?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Jennifer L says:

    Oh I like that it adds that great shine without feeling weighed down. I got a few friends who I know are always on the hunt for products that will help define their curls so thanks for the recommendation!

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