No One Has Ever Won an Award for Best Wedding

By  Fiona Holder (Guest Author)

No One Has Ever Won an Award for Best Wedding

Late last year, we reached out to several brides about selling their wedding dresses on our site. When we did, we were quite shocked to find out what was actually spent on them. In some cases two months’ salary, three months’ rent, or several months’ car payments – for a dress that was only worn once.

We truly wondered why. Why spend so much? Was it the brand? Maybe the brides thought the dress was “the one”? Or was it a really good sales pitch by the bridal store where it was purchased? Whatever the reason these brides said yes and spent that amount of money without knowing what they will do with the dress after their big day, really got us thinking.

We opened up a new online wedding store and experience, catering to Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean. One would think with the wedding industry being as saturated as it is, why would anyone create yet another wedding store? Mahrid Me would allow any bride to not only recoup some of the monies spent on her dress, but help new brides find beautiful and affordable dresses without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Besides, who can tell what designer you’re wearing on your wedding day when it is filled with so much excitement, butterflies, and laughter.

No One Has Ever Won an Award for Best Wedding

One common question that we get from potential sellers is, “why do you have to keep the dresses?” Well, we are more than just an online store. We are aiming to deliver a professional service by ensuring that when someone purchases a new or preowned wedding dress, that the item sold was as advertised. We similarly ensure that sellers submit photos of themselves in their dresses on the day, so that our buyers can easily see what the dresses look like and how they would fit. We also take and share detailed notes about measurements and any alterations which may have been made. Once a dress is purchased, we ensure that the items are carefully packaged and shipped directly to you.  

Given the current state of the region and economy, we wanted to position ourselves to be of real and measurable value to our customers. Mahrid Me is always open – one of the great benefits of being online. No need to sit through hours of traffic to get to the malls, anxiously wait for a parking spot, or face the crowds. You can browse our inventory and shop in the safety and comfort of your home or office, and await the arrival of your packages to your doorstep or reception area within a few days – depending on where you are. We even selected PayPal as our payment processor, as it allows us to securely process your purchases in a transparent and effective way. We want everyone to feel comfortable while shopping at our store.

No One Has Ever Won an Award for Best Wedding

At Mahrid Me, we have adopted a DIY philosophy and also carry a range of craft items that can be purchased for creating your own unique decorations and special touches on the day. These include mason jars, garlands, props, bouquets, and so much more. We also carry some accessories to help complete your outfit, such as veils and shoes. The Chatter section of our site also allows us to share ideas and tips about saving money on your wedding and finding the right service providers to help you bring everything together – all within budget. As we grow, we will continue to bring ever expanding offerings for the entire wedding party.

At the end of it all our purpose is to ensure that you don’t overdo it when it comes to planning and having your wedding. Think about it, no one has ever won an award for best wedding. You have a lifetime to look forward to, so focus on the important things, like building a strong marriage and not being burdened with debt and regret.

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Thank you Fiona, for sharing with us. 

We’ll be sure to look you up!


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5 responses to “No One Has Ever Won an Award for Best Wedding”

  1. Sam says:

    I love how easy you make it for everyone to shop online. And especially with the ease of PayPal as your processor!

  2. Mary says:

    Such a great title! Made me want to read right away!!!!

  3. Joleen Pete says:

    Great title and I like the aspect of affordable weddings. I don’t think you should start off your married life in debt.

  4. TC says:

    Does anyone really remember what the bride wore 5 yrs later…this concept can be very effective in having a beautiful yet budget conscious appeal for those looking to start their life’s journey as a married couple

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