An Evening Routine That Keeps Me Happy and Sane

An Evening Routine That Keeps Me Happy and Sane

Am I the only one that needs some sort of evening routine in order to function the next day? We hear all the time that structure in life is so important, but is it really? For me? Hell yeah!

I always have a plan for my day, even if that plan is to do nothing. That gets my productivity levels up and ensures that I actually do something with my life. Again, even if that something is to do nothing.

My daily routines are very simple and come naturally. Didn’t even think of them as routines until I was completely thrown off because of something I skipped out. Care to see what my grandiose (sure) evening routine is? Well…

Get home | I usually get home during dusk on most days. Either from work, visiting family or volunteer stuff. At which time I toss my handbag, kick my shoes off and just plop on the couch. Where I stare aimlessly at nothing in particular for 15 minutes.

Connect | If Sean is home already or when he gets there, we chat and catch up on our days for maybe an hour or so. This part is crucial because it’s when we vent the most. We hate to carry stress or anger late into our evening. So we get it out early. Lol.

Dinner and a couple shows | We have dinner in front the TV (dining table where?). Our lineup is simple and pretty much the same except on weekends. Late-night talk/comedy shows with folks like Jimmy Fallon (and Kimmel) and Stephen Colbert are an absolute must, and when we don’t have those, it’s a toss up of Bob’s Burger re-runs or whatever else is in season.

Other Work | Here is where we catch up on other work (I tell you what is life without more than one job?). Sean retreats into his corner catching up on work and I do my blog stuff and whatever else is out there. Usually with House Hunters (love it but it annoys him) or Luke Cage (he hates/loves it but it horribly annoys me) running in the background.

Alone time | By this time it’s usually around 9:30 and here is where we retreat to our own spaces. I jump in and out the shower, get into bed where he will come chat for five minutes or so then he heads back out to either work or watch TV. I use this alone time to read, catch up on news and gossip, scroll through social media and just reflect on my day. This time in particular is important for both of us. We’ve been dealing with people all day, and then each other, so now we need time, for just ourselves.

Sleep | I usually fall asleep within an hour. And bam! Evening routine over!

It works for us. And I see it working for a long time. It keeps us happy, sane, grounded and refreshed. Of course I can’t tell you everrrrryyyything, but these are the basics of my evening routine. Take from it as you wish 😀 Oh, and do NOT, under any circumstance, ask me where exercise fits in in this. If you find out let me know!

I’d love to hear your evening routine. What’s the one thing you need to do every evening?

Thanks for stopping by!

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3 responses to “An Evening Routine That Keeps Me Happy and Sane”

  1. Priya says:

    Yes I agree with your point that spending time alone keeps you sane. It actually helps you destress. Thanks for the other tips.

  2. It’s so important to be able to have a little self care time to unwind at the end of the day! I’m glad you have a fantastic routine that allows for that ^^.

    My evening routine includes connecting with my hubby, gratitude journaling, walking or yoga, a healthy supper and a bath with a good book whenever possible. I also get my breakfast ready and have everything I need the next morning set out. This allows me to ease into the day when I wake up. Total win!

    Have a great night ♡

  3. Having an evening and morning routine is so helpful for me. I like yours as well ?

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