10 Little Everyday Things that make me Happy

10 Little Everyday Things that make me Happy

Ever so often I reflect on the things that bring me happiness, and not surprisingly, it’s always the little, consistent things. Things that I never think about or focus on without probing.

These days I’ve been really out of sorts, sad and questioning everything. Like I’m constantly on the hunt for something that I’m not sure exists. Is it happiness? Contentment? Success? Wealth? I really can’t say. It’s a pretty confusing state of mind and to keep on the brighter side, I’ve been focusing on the little everyday things that cheer me up and bring positivity into my space.

Every evening when I reflect on the things that made me happy that day, there are certain things that are always starring. So much so, I make a conscious effort now to do them. They seemed little and inconsequential at first, but I’ve come to realise that they have a great impact on how my day turns out. I’m sure we all have that one thing that makes our day more palatable. It just so happens that I have quite a few. Lol.

So here are 10 little everyday things that make me happy!

1| One hour alone time when I get to work on mornings. I get to the office quite early and they’re only a handful of people already in, which gives me time to unwind and embrace the day. I use this time to get my tea, check my emails and prep for the day before the phones start ringing and emails start coming.

2| Silent commute on mornings and evenings. This is crucial. I’m heavily annoyed when people speak to me during my commute. Be it a fellow passenger or the driver, just, don’t do it. Except if you’re wanted company of course. On mornings I get extra sleep and on evenings I use this time to just unwind and clear my mind of all things work. Not taking anything home thank you!

3| A piping hot cup of tea. No matter the time or place. A hot beverage is a must. Black with lots of sugar (leave me be) is preferred please!

4| Reading random threads on Reddit. Listen. I know. Reddit is a not so nice place to be sometimes but I swear to you, the landing page has some of the most interesting things you will ever read. I’ve always loved message boards because they’re usually very back and forth and full of fact and opinion. Trust me when I say you will come across some pretty interesting things. Lots of guilty pleasures here. LOL. The Sub-reddits for plants and pseudo celebrities are just a few of my daily treats.

5| Checking in with the hubby on my lunch break. It’s just a simple 2 minute call to see how he’s doing and to give him a snippet of what my day’s like. It always feel refreshing as it helps me disconnect from work for a bit.

6| Podcasts! At least one a day. I listen to them on my commute and most times they’re centered around something plants, crime or interesting world events. I use to listen to them at night before bed as well but now I use that as my reading time. My favorite shows are always releasing new material (bless their hearts) so the options are in abundance.

7| Eating at least one meal I love. Yeah. Sigh. I’m trying to jump on and stay on the healthy train. I don’t do diets but try to eat as healthy as possible, which can mean I need to eat food that I don’t totally love. Seeing that that’s the case, I make sure to have at least one meal that I 100% enjoy. I love food and I like to enjoy it when I’m eating it. It’s some sort of psychological thing I want to believe. So yeah, that little portion of my day, whenever it is, is realllllllly important to my mood. My closest friends will tell you. Lol.

8| Eating together at dinner time. We tend to share all meals once we’re able to but dinner is a must. It’s the end of the day and we need that time to catch up and just talk. It’s a relaxing time for us both and is usually uninterrupted by the outside world. Except for Jimmy Fallon (we love him. Lol).

9| Fussing over plants. I love my plants. I talk to them and make sure they’re okay every day. It’s so therapeutic! I water and trim them as soon as I pull into the driveway and also look for any bugs or signs of distress. I just set my bag down and get to work. Now that it’s dry season they need even more care and no one’s complaining around here!

10| Touching base with my mom. Whether it’s through the typical good morning photo with a million flowers or just a “hi there, how things?! text message”. I don’t see my folks as often as I use to and they’re not getting older so keeping in touch on a daily is vital.

And that’s about it for the little things that naturally fell into place to make my days a better place. Now that I’m cognizant of the fact that these everyday little things make me happy and  center my day, I make sure to do them!

What about you? What little things do you do to keep you grounded all day?

Thanks for stopping by!

PS ~ Life lately and some self care practices for everyday life.


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  1. Kay R.D. says:

    Most of these are so me!. I check in with hubby and mum too during the day. It helps me stay sane and my hubby and I wait for each other to eat dinner for the same reason.

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