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Father’s Day Around The World

“When you follow in the path of your father, you learn to walk like him.” ~ Ghanian Proverb


I hope you’re having a great day Daddies! Do you know that Father’s Day is not celebrated on the same day in the same way around the world? Well, traditions differ from country to country and can be traced back centuries to the ruins of Babylon.

Father’s Day is generally celebrated with the presentation of gifts while reflecting on the role of fathers in our families. Here in Trinidad & Tobago we celebrate Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday in June, similar to many other parts of the world, and we do so by giving gifts, pampering our father figures and having get togethers.

Here are some unique ways in which other countries commemorate their fathers. Maybe it’ll inspire you to do something a little different from now on.


Father’s Day is celebrated here on 2nd August in honor of Mary’s father, Saint Joachim.


The celebrations in Russia were moved from military commemorations to an unofficial tribute to all men, commemorated on 23rd February. It is also known as Defender of the Fatherland Day. Men receive gifts from women in their lives and there are parades for the armed forces.


Celebrated yearly on the 3rd Sunday in June, Father’s Day in France can be linked to the much older celebration of Saint Joseph on March 19th.


This tradition falls on the birthday of the admired King Bhumibol Adulyadej, June 12th, who is considered Father of the Nation. Tradition has it that Thais wear yellow and present their fathers and grandfathers with Canna flowers which is associated with masculinity. December 5th also marks this national day.

Father's Day Celebrations

South Africa

Fathers here spends his day with family and friends outdoors on picnics or out fishing in the afternoons. They are usually gifted with flowers, cards, neckties and other novelties. The day is held on the 3rd Sunday in June. 


Flowers are integral for this Japanese celebration and lunch or dinner for fathers usually are made up of crab, prawns or some other seafood.


This phenomenon is less than 10 years old in India and to this day is more acknowledged in metropolitan cities and larger towns as these areas are more exposed to western cultures. It falls on 3rd Sunday in June.


These customs celebrate the bravery, love and affection of fathers and they are held in a great deal of esteem. Celebrations are communal and are usually in the form of buffet lunch dances and outdoor activities.

New Zealand

Honored on 1st Sunday in September, here the children give handmade cards and sweets and prepare their fathers’ favorite meals. This is usually followed by indulging in a piping hot cup of tea.


On the 2nd of November every year, fathers sleep in and schools usually have coffee and cakes to honor them.


I’m spending quality time with my father this year. How are you celebrating?

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