Beauty Review: Clarins Sunkissed Collection

Beauty Review: Clarins Sunkissed Collection

These days, no one wants to be matte anymore.  Women are now drawn to minimalistic, glowy and very natural looking makeup. I mean, why not? It kind of forces you to take better care of your skin while you’re at it and I’m not mad at that at all.

Lucky for us glowy girls, Clarins has introduced a Limited Edition, beautiful and very vibrant summer collection called Sunkissed. And and and! It’s just in time for Mother’s Day! If you’re anything like me, whatever you buy for your mom or sister or auntie or best friend for Mother’s Day, you buy one for yourself. So guess what, that cacti garden, artisan soap and this here lovely Clarins Sunkissed makeup collection, guess who non-mommy has one too? Lol!

Clarins Sunkissed Collection promises us makeup that ensures bold, vibrant sunkissed complexions with glossy lips and electric eyes. And if I were to be totally honest (and a bit biased as I’m a Caribbean girl myself and it so reminds me of home), I’d have to tell you, I absolutely LOVE this collection. Like any collection, and mostly anything else in life, lol, it’s not perfect, but most of the products are good enough to use up and re-purchase. Here’s what’s happening with this collection.

Beauty Review: Clarins Sunkissed Collection


SOS Primer for a Sunkissed Look in Bronze // $39 

This primer is only one from a range of complexion bases made to color correct according to your skin care concerns. I love these primers because although the consistency is quite thick, once on the skin, it dissipates almost immediately and blends in without much work. I normally only use primer on my trouble (greasy) areas which happens to be my nose, cheeks and forehead. So if a primer can stand up to the army of large pores and multitudes of extra sheen, then we can be friends. And this range does the trick pretty well.

This particular shade is more suited to tan skin tones as it took me a bit of work for it to look natural on my deeper skin, but once I got it to work, my makeup slid right over and stayed put. Most importantly, that ‘glow from within’ was definitely present and didn’t make my already oily combo skin look overly greasy. Which is always always always a plus. For reference, I have combo oily skin and I’m foundation shades NW45 in MAC and Sandalwood in Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Beauty Review: Clarins Sunkissed Collection

SOS Primer for Deep Skintones in Mocha // $39

This is hands down my favorite item from the Clarins Sunkissed Collection. It fits my complexion to a T is very versatile. It will work well for skintones that are both lighter and darker than mine. What I love about this one is that it’s texture is very foundation like, but you don’t feel it on your skin at all. Which I love in a primer. It’s not oily, silicony or heavy. Similar to Bronze, it blends in so quickly and I spend way less time working this one into my skin. My skin feels so smooth and moisturized that this has now become a staple of mine.

Primers that tick all the boxes are quite hard to come by so as you would imagine, I’m in full glee over here. It’s also very glowy, but more of a very hydrated than a shiny type glow, which is what I love so much about this. If you have very oily skin though, I think I’d skip this one. It just might be too much glow for you, unless you use a mattifying foundation or finishing powder which kind of defeats the purpose.

Beauty Review: Clarins Sunkissed Collection

Bronzing Compact // $42

This compact is a trio of matte tones that aim to warm and bronze the skin. The packaging is so beautiful that I don’t feel like using it. I just want it to beautify my dresser. Lol. The texture is soft and glides on easily. It has a natural look and feel and has very light coverage. I use it as a multi-purposed product like highlighting my brows, neutralizing my lid before applying shadow and as an all over powder. It’s supposed to be able to work for all skin tones but I think it’ll work best for my tone or lighter.

Beauty Review: Clarins Sunkissed Collection

4-Colour All-in-One Pen for Eyes & Lips // $32

How innovative! I had tons of these pens when I was a teenager. The memories! I love this product. I’m not a liner person, simply because they always fall to the bottom of the drawer and I never see them. Now, I get four in one and I get to store it with my brushes, so it’s always right there. They’re pretty vibrant and beach chic and makes any natural face pop. The eye shades are Black, Emerald and Plum and the lip shade is Pink. I’m having so much fun with these! They are silky, don’t tug on your eyes and lips and has long lasting power.

Point to note, if you have oily eye lids like me, I’d put an eyeshadow base and a natural eye shadow before the liner. It helps the liner stay put and keep it’s form. I can’t wait to do a winged liner with these! These are definitely here to stay.

Beauty Review: Clarins Sunkissed Collection

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Blackberry // $26

Man I am so loving this Clarins Sunkissed Collection for it’s out of the box mish mash. I’d have never chosen this shade of lippie to go with a fun, glowy look. But wow! It looks SO beautiful and just brings all the color and glow and everything together for a complete look. This berry shade is very deep but it’s almost transparent which makes it easy to wear for both day and evening looks. It’s very gloss like but without that annoying tacky feeling. This product actually lasts and doesn’t move around like most products similar in nature tend to do. The end results are lips that look plump, hydrated and all dressed up in nice tint of color. This will work for any skin tone but for us brown girls, it’s a gem. Do not let it pass you. Thank me later.

All in all, I love this Clarins Sunkissed Collection. It’s unique, fun, and versatile. This collection is Limited Edition so it’s not available forever and ever and ever.

What are you eyeing in Clarins Sunkissed Collection? 

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Thanks Clarins, for the gifting these to me!

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  1. Brandi says:

    YES!!! I love summertime because I love the glowy tan look and I love not needing to wear a ton of makeup. I love primer but have never used a tinted one. That bronzer looks amazing!

  2. Julie says:

    I’ve never tried a lip oil before. I usually stick to a lipstick matte or a lip gloss.

  3. Jaye Shields says:

    This sounds pretty cool. I’d love to see it on some skin! The Sunkissed collection sounds right up my alley though!

  4. Kelli says:

    I NEED that eyeliner pen! So cool! Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t even heard about this line.

  5. Alexandria says:

    I haven’t tried these products before, great review!

  6. Alexandria says:

    I haven’t tried these products before, great review! I’ll have to check out this brand!

  7. These do sound like some great products!

  8. Whitney says:

    I can’t wait to try the 4 in one lip and eye pen! I have never seen anything like that and the blackberry lip oil looks amazing! I am so bad at doing my own makeup and knowing what products to use so posts like this are so helpful!

  9. Chloe says:

    This sounds soo good for my skin! I’ll definitely need to try it out! I think that all in one color pen is soooo cool! Def on my list now! Haha! 🙂

    xo, Chloe //

  10. That bronzer is speaking to me! I haven’t tried too much from Clarins but these products look lovely.

  11. Casey says:

    This bronzer is making me envious! I am definitely going to need to get this in my rotation of products!

  12. I am definitely going to need that primer!!!

  13. I am definitely going to need that primer and bronzer!!!

  14. Adrian K. says:

    This collection looks pretty cool and reminds me that the summer season is approaching. I think it’s time to make a nice gift for a loved one!

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