Books Insider: What’s On My Nightstand?

Books Insider: What's On My Nightstand?

Gosh I’m so behind on my reading it’s not even funny. There are currently two books living on my nightstand right now. And while I’m still reading, I can comfortably say they are wonderful reads. They aren’t feel good books and may not be ideal for reading right before bed, but that’s when I love to read most.

They’re very different but what I love is that they speak to real life situations that we many times find ourselves in. They will pull at your heartstrings so if you decide to get into them, be prepared! So on to these books, here’s a short description to wet your tastebuds.

Sanity Lost & Found by Tarra Judson Stariell

This book is taking me a bit to read as I’m taking my time to take it all in and appreciate the delicate and intricate writing of the author. If you know anything about me, you’d know that I am fascinated with the concept of cults and extreme communities. Stariell talks about an experience where living in a cult doesn’t always mean having an irrational, drug induced leader who shows their dominance by physical violence only. But more of how being held captive can be done through ways we can never imagine. Even in our own homes, by the people we love most. It talks about a struggle many of us are familiar with and may be unaware. It is a serious topic and not the easiest read, but I guarantee you it’s worth picking up.

Chasing the Merry Go Round by Kelly Bargabos

This book is about empathy, acceptance, resilience and understanding. It explores living in the world of both being differently abled and looking on from the sidelines.  Seeing someone you love, struggling in this world due to a disability. Those of us who may have a sibling, child, parent or friend that is special needs will identify greatly with this book immediately. It is quite sad but is beautifully written and highly engaging. I’ve barely touched the surface of this book because although it’s easy to get lost in the writing, being a fiercely emotional person myself, I need to stagger my indulgence as what I read can stay with me all day.  If you like memoirs and true stories as much as I do, this is a great addition to your collection.

Can you identify with any of these books? Will you be taking a read?

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