6 Apps I’m Loving Right Now

6 Apps I'm Loving Right Now

Like food and water, there’re some apps out there that I can’t seem to be able to live without. Lol. A bit of hyperbole there but you get what I’m sayin’. Here are six apps I’m loving right now!

Period Calendar

I’ve used this app for a very long time. I’m talking years here. It’s as easy as easy gets to use, and tracks everything related to my cycle. Including Ovulation. I love the security, accuracy, the aesthetic and that it gives reminders without being annoying. There’s even a forum! The reports are quite informative and tracks everything you can think of. Weight, fertility, sleep, and so much more.


My podcast library had several homes over the years but this year I finally tried Stitcher. Can someone tell me what the hell I was waiting on? This is the only hub where I’ve found every single podcast I listen to. Before, I’d have to have several players as I couldn’t find one that carried all my podcasts. What a relief! My favorite feature is the ‘Play Next’ option. That way I can pile up all the podcasts I want to hear and in the order I want to hear them in. Perfect! It’s easy to maneuver with no bugs. The listening stats are always so enlightening as well. It’s a given my favorite podcast at the moment is Hidden Brain. You should take a listen.


I discovered Canva while randomly hunting for a free software to develop Pinterest content and latched on to it for life. It’s such an easy tool to use with so many options that it’s any creative persons dream. Heck you don’t even need to be creative, it makes the you feel like a natural. You can create flyers, documents, Instagram posts and many many other things. There are tons of free options in there and some premium stuff as well. I’ve never had to go premium though as the free options are vast. Just last week I created an entirely new and modern resume. No more tacky flyers in Word! (Sorry Microsoft!).


Reddit can be a questionable place sometimes but I must admit that I LOVE IT! I am a message board fanatic and you can find a conversation on just about anything on Reddit. The app makes finding and participating in discussions enjoyable and is a lot less work than opening and working from a browser while on my phone. You can manipulate what you want to see and how you want to see it and for me, that’s all I need!


I’m new to this app and it is astounding to see how much time I actually spend on my phone daily. This app tracks your screen time and breaks down A LOT. You see exactly where you’re spending your time and even shows when you pick up the phone. I guess to see who’ve messaged. Lol. My pickup times are ridiculous. It’s really given me the kick I needed to spend less on the screen and more in the real world. You should check it out. The reports may surprise you.

Rain Rain

Who else has problems drifting off and staying asleep? I need some sort of background noise to fall asleep I’ve realized. But instead of podcasts or music, I’ve now changed to having a sound I like. Podcasts and other talking made me internalize whatever I was listening to in my sleep and sometimes I’d get up feeling like I had no sleep at all. Rain Rain plays just that, rain. Who knew there were so many types of rain sounds? I love the sound of rain hitting my roof and it puts me fast asleep. You can choose the type of rain you want, such as thunder storms, rain on a window, rain in the city, rain on a tent etc. You can even find other sounds. Like ocean waves and crackling fire. The options are endless.

What’d you think about the apps I’m loving right now? Have you used any? What are your faves?

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12 responses to “6 Apps I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. Stefan says:

    Was introduced to this app by a colleague. Still getting used to it. Used it once to create graphics for a facebook post. I’ll be getting into it some more over the coming weeks.

    I too usually listen to rain/white noise/thunderstorm sounds to fall asleep. I’ve never used this app before so I’ll check it out. I use a playlist I created on Deezer.

  2. Jamiu says:

    I am not using any of the app on my phone but I would like to try Moment. It seems great

  3. Whitney says:

    I love Canva, but I don’t really like using the mobile app. I love using it on my desktop though. I have Moment on my phone, but I don’t really do anything with it. I just look at the notifications it gives me about how much time I spent on my phone. I love Trello and PLANN. Fun apps? I love Flow Free. I play it everyday!

  4. I adore Canva! Such a lovely app ?. And now I need to get my hands on that period calendar. Sounds magnificent ^^. Thanks for sharing!

  5. aditi says:

    hey thanks for sharing this list, Canva, Moment and Rain Rain ceratinly sound like my thing and I am checking them out right away

  6. Ashley says:

    These are all fantastic apps! I’ve heard of Moment, but am reluctant to try it. I’m scared of what it will tell me ?? Were you surprised on how much time you truly spend on your phone, or was it what you expected?

  7. Lynda Hogan says:

    The only one of these I have tried is Canva. I really like it too. I did create an account on Reddit many years ago, but never got into it. Might have to try it out again. Nice list.

  8. Christa says:

    BRB, downloading Stitcher and Rain Rain right now! These sound like perfect apps for me. As for Moment, I’m too scared to try it. Lol.

  9. Alix Maza says:

    Canva on my phone is such a great time saver! I need to try the other ones out,

  10. That Rain Rain app sounds cool. I’ll have to check it out!

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