My Top 5 Amazon Buys (that are totally knick knacks)

My Amazon Buys top 5

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So I’ve shopped on Amazon for longer than I can remember and listen! We all know how absolutely addicting that is. My gosh, the amazon Prime and the Pantry, the returns, the amazing customer service, the everything! I mean, where else is there? Also, have you ever seen how their warehouses work?! Wow! Both impressive and worrying (it’s not free of controversy of course, I mean it’s 2018, tell me where there isn’t controversy). The technology, algorithms, systems. Man. I can watch and listen about that for hours.

But y’know, like almost everyone on the face of the planet that shops online, for every 10 impressive items you receive, you get 11 ones that leaves a bit much to be desired. But yeah, that’s the life (and risk) of online shopping. We accept. We accept. and I’m sure I can’t be the only one that hates returns.  I mean, it’s such a hassle! Who really has time for that? Not me for sure.

I love a good Amazon browse from time to time (like let’s say every couple days…) and I can confidently say that I’ve come away with some truly awesome finds. So, with all that chatter, here are my top 5 Amazon buys (hi knick knacks!).

This cute cordless mouse

A mouse with a cord is so 1900s that I can no longer contemplate using one. A lil dramatic but yeah, that’s how I feel about that. Lol. You’d think how hard could it be to find a mouse yes? Well it’s not hard at all but due to the pure volume of them available, my word. You can spend days and days looking at them. And they all have top reviews! Which makes it even worse! But, I found the perfect one recently. It fits my hand really well as it’s on the smaller side, is super responsive and there are tons of funky designs to choose from. I bought this for my office job, but think I need one for my home office too. I’m currently hijacking Sean’s.

Very Exciting (yawns) Dryer balls

Yeah I know. I’ve been talking about these since forever but trust me y’all, they are so so so much better than dryer sheets. They save on waste, they’re not full of chemicals, have no fragrance and they ease up my drying time quite a bit. When I feel to spice things up a bit, I put a few drops of essential oil on them and they give my clothes a little kick. Perfect for laundry!

This Spunky Vintage Alarm Clock

From the moment I put together my little home office I knew my desk needed one. They’re so spunky and add quite a bit of flair to my work space. There are tons to choose from but I loved this one the most. It has the vintage feel I was going for but has a very modern finish. The alarm can wake the dead if you’re wondering. Lol. It is, quite the alarm. Let’s just say that that part of it is deactivated.

Mirrorless Camera (Sony A6000)

Spent about a year trying to find the perfect camera for my amateur photographer brain. I needed something small, with great photo quality,  lightweight and without the masculine look and feel. In other words, I did not want a DSLR. Point of my camera is not only to take awesome pics for my blog but also to capture lovely personal moments and to do a bit of life capturing through vlogging. I’m camera shy so all my vlogs are kept away from public view but will pretty much be replacing photo albums. Sony is a reputable brand as well, so yay for that. With all that said, this camera ticks all the boxes and many more. I love Amazon’s return policy so that’s why I chose to buy this tidbit over there. No problems so far!

Fancy Washcloths

….that aren’t all that fancy at all. But they sure do feel that way! These are quite soft on your budget and they are some tough cookies. I wash these often as I use them as face cloths which goes in the wash basket after one or two (max) uses. They leave no fuzz behind and are very soft and easy on the skin. The colored ones don’t run which is a plus. I got the set of white, pink and purple. Love love love them.

I have so many more amazon buys but I’d probably talk about the rest in installments. As I said, these are just some little knick knacks that make my life a little brighter and I love them!

But what I’d love to know though, is what are some of your top Amazon buys! Tell me!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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17 responses to “My Top 5 Amazon Buys (that are totally knick knacks)”

  1. Kacie says:

    Great post! Love that alarm clock!

  2. I am an Amazon nut. It feels as if I shop there everyday. Thanks for letting me know about the knick knacks!

  3. You made me chuckle- Dryer balls *yawn*.
    I’m a huge shopper on Amazon, I’m guilty of browsing too much too. Thanks for the read!

  4. That alarm clock is cute! And dryer balls are awesome ?. Thanks for sharing your finds ?

  5. I love fancy linens, including fancy cloths…and towels, and bedding, and, and, and…lol

  6. GiGi Eats says:

    Oh man! My amazon addiction is REAL. Seriously. I buy stuff on there every friggin second! I feel like I need to block the site for a good few days to give myself a detox! LOL!

  7. Gillian Kent says:

    I have been meaning to give those dryer balls a try. I have had so many good finds from Amazon! I found this gorgeous red teapot for my son.

  8. Katherine says:

    We totally have similar taste in Amazon buys! I just got my dryer balls in a couple of weeks ago (such a great swap!!) and I have the Sony A6500 now! I love the fun alarm clock & I love some good wash cloths! 🙂 Such a great little list!

  9. Holly says:

    I’m super interested in that mirrorless camera! I totally hate dragging my DSLR around.

  10. Christa says:

    What a fun collection! I love that alarm clock. It’s a perfect desk accessory.

  11. I just recently got a Sony Camera too. Sony is the best in electronics.

  12. I love the alarm clock! Perfect way to spice up a bedroom. Very curious about the dryer balls too.

  13. D says:

    The vintage clock is cute although not really me style but I like it. Curious about buying a camera but as you said all good, so I guess you never know!

    D, xo || from

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