3 Natural Alternative Personal Hygiene Products

3 Natural Alternative Personal Hygiene Products

I know these days we’re all striving to lead healthier lives whether its through exercise, meditation, diet or personal care. There’s a lot of research out there that tells us the things we consume on a daily are laden with chemicals and other nasty stuff so today I’m going to chat about some ways I alternate from the ordinary.

Personal hygiene products tend to be the last thing we turn to when we’re trying to be more health conscious. We’re so used to the average toothpaste and deodorant, that we never really question what’s in them. Why bother with what’s in that amazing smelling body wash? It does the job and smells absolutely heavenly! Right? Well, there’s more to suds and scents when being a conscious consumer. When you go natural or handmade, you tend to support local and smaller entrepreneurs more who take the time and energy to make your product extra special. I get that it can be pricier and not as readily available but it’s really worth the cost and effort. We only get one body and as much as possible, we should treat it with love and attention.

Here are three alternative personal hygiene products I use daily.

Artisan Soaps

3 Natural Alternative Personal Hygiene Products

I moved away from mainstream soaps for close to 10 years and my skin has thanked me for it 10 times over. They don’t generally contain harmful sulphates and fragrances and we get ingredients such as charcoal, oats, lavender, turmeric and loads of other good stuff that aren’t genetically manipulated and modified. These are made by local professionals who’ve mastered the craft and spend time giving us a product that’s made with lots of love. They will most likely be more expensive than mainstream soaps but they last way longer and are much softer on the skin. These from MokshArTT are SO pretty that I use some for decor only. Lol. My skin loves the lavender castille, though!


3 Natural Alternative Personal Hygiene Products

Now I know of the very basic alternatives such as sea salt and baking soda, but these toothpaste bits from Bite give that extra oomph! I find these truly revolutionary as again, there are no harsh chemicals and best of all, there are no wasteful plastics involved. My teeth feel squeaky clean after with no excess sweet or burning sensations. I’ve been using the mint flavor (which is just right and not overpowering) for a couple of weeks and I can affirmatively say I will not be going back to toothpaste in a tube.


3 Natural Alternative Personal Hygiene Products

The toughest one for me to replace is deodorant. It’s hard finding one that can actually take you through the day without touch ups. I wear suits on a daily and it’s quite difficult to touch up deodorant, so most are a no go for me. I’ve found one though that I love, finally.

It’s from Lush and both the powdered form and the bar works wonders for me. The bar holds me up better when I have long days but I also love the powder as it can be used to freshen up shoes while keeping your feet nice and dry. So, why not!? They smell quite nice without giving a headache and are quite easy to apply. There are tons of other natural powder and bar deodorants out there but these were the only ones that worked for me. Get on the internet and do some searching and you’ll be sure to find one that fits you.

So tell me, have you tried any alternative personal hygiene products? Which ones do you like most?

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  1. Nelly B. says:

    I’ve been using the Thai all natural spray deodorant and I love them! And my gf gave me the idea to add a drop of my fave essential oil and voila!!!

  2. Mikayla says:

    I love using all natural soaps for the last year or so and my skin has never been better. I’m also making the switch to a more natural, eco friendly deodorant soon, just waiting to finish my current stock but I can’t wait to give it a try!!

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