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7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Beauty

7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Makeup

I have been a blog reader for yeaaaaaars with certain blogs being my go to for certain things. There are blogs that I go to for lifestyle related things, technology things, book things and so on. And then there are the beauty and style blogs. Those usually overwhelm me as there are TONS of blogs catering to those niches and I just don’t know where to start. Eventually as time passed I began to connect with certain bloggers’ writing style and just kept coming back.

I’m highlighting bloggers who are women of color (WOC) in this post because these women motivate and inspire me as a new blogger who is also woman of color. An added bonus. I look forward to their content because it’s always fresh, relevant, objective and funny! I also follow them on social media platforms where I get a taste of their personality and I love them all! My aim is to highlight their amazing (and really hard) work and to just send some positive vibes their way. Also, I could always do with the advice where beauty and style is concerned. I think I have the beauty thing on lock, but the style? Ummmm, not so much. Lol!

Felicia // This That Beauty

7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Beauty

You can find almost anything on Felecia’s blog, from food to fitness to parenting. But as it is, this is one of my go to blogs for anything and everything beauty related. She is always in the know and the blog is always light and refreshing. Posts are relatable for the everyday woman (and the glamazon) and it’s a breath of fresh air to realize that beauty can be had by all and it’s not just something you read about in magazines or fit only for celebrities.  The general vibe on the blog is relaxed and chic and her musings are hilarious! I live for her Instagram stories!

Jenne // Sweet Potato Soul

7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Beauty

I follow Jenne mostly on Instagram for her daily quests and beautiful photos of her delicious vegan food. Although her blog centers on vegan food, you can still find posts on style, beauty and travel. Her fashion choices are not on the trendy side, just very simple and unique. The minimalistic approach to style and beauty is what roped me in and if that’s your flick, you should take a peep at her blog. Her personality is quirky and upbeat and she’s always smiling! Nothing to lose there.

Clair // Fashion Bomb Daily

7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Beauty

I think this is my longest followed blog. This blog has been a favorite of mine for almost 10 years. I was even a fashion bombshell on it once! I love this blog because its focus is on women of colour and it highlights and promotes people of colour in the fashion and beauty industries. Claire is dynamic and her fashion game is on point! Fashion Bomb Daily continues to evolve but I love that it hasn’t lost its essence and it remains a positive space for women (and men as there are quite a few Fashion Bombers). If you want to get a celebrity look for less, see what fashion houses have been up to or simply how to wear a white pair of jeans, Claire’s got you! There’s lots of street style, interviews and general chit chat. The blog has several contributors so it’s always fun and high spirited.

Kristabel // I Want You To Know

7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Beauty

Following this woman around is so entertaining! Her daily musings include fashion, travel and lifestyle. Her quirky personality is what draws me to her and this blog. Filled with colorful midi skirts and wedged sandals, her style is smart, sophisticated and fun! If you’re into a bit of travel, this is your girl. You get travel, budget and dressing tips all in one. Looking for some hair inspiration? She’s got you too!

La Tisha // Blushing Black

7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Beauty

This is my go to blog when I want a calming but captivating read. La Tisha incorporates her style, beauty regimens and motherhood experiences in one lovely melting pot. I love her practical get ups and her eye for working color on deep skin. Her style is a pleasing mix of bright, grunge and funky. You can also throw classy and flirty in the mix too. Can we take a moment to talk about her skin?!  Whatever she’s doing, I want to do it too!

Patrice // AfroBella

7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Beauty

Donning natural hair myself, this blog has been my go to source of information and insight into anything hair and beauty related. Her award winning website is known for brown beauty blogging and has fostered a strong tight knit community of it’s own. She also has Trini roots so how can I not be excited? She’s no stranger to the beauty world and has been featured and worked with big wigs in the industry such as MAC Cosmetics and Essence Magazine, but remains true and down to earth. Patrice has done and continues to do a myriad of things within the beauty community that fosters positivity and growth for women and men of color. Her blog is a safe haven and creative space for interactions with and about anything skin, hair, beauty and fashion. Her daily expeditions on Instagram always bring a smile to my face.

Felicia // The Felicia Renee

7 WOC Blogs To Follow For Style And Beauty

Felecia I think is my soul sister. Lol! It is uncanny how much she reminds me of myself. Her blog is about minimal living and that speaks to me in so many ways. Here she blogs about how you can still be beautiful, in style and entertained while being a minimalist. Self care, consuming less and decluttering are some of my favorite topics on her blog. I also gravitate to her blog because of it’s clean and soft aesthetic and her eloquent and easy to read writing style. She likes to read too, so just one more thing to love about Felicia and The Felicia Renee.


Who are your favorites? Do share!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S ~ Best Foundation: 7 For Flawless Brown Skin & My Evening Skincare Routine

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  1. Christina says:

    Thanks for sharing this list. I love finding WOC blogs. I’ll definitely check these all out/

  2. Colleen Bijl says:

    Nice list I have a few blogs that I like to follow too. Thanks for sharing I will check them out.

  3. Haley Willis says:

    I love finding new bloggers in my niche! I will definitely have to check these out!

  4. Allie says:

    These look like amazing blogs! I’m actually interested in all of them. I love reading about beauty, food, minimalism… all of it. Thanks for this list!! Going to go read and follow all you lovely ladies (:

  5. Arianna says:

    I love this post. <3 I actually haven't heard of anyone on this list, and I can't wait to check them out!

  6. LaWann says:

    This is great! Thanks for the info!

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous selection of blushers! Also thanks for sharing these fab blogs <3

  8. ahh i dont think I follow a single one of these!! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  9. Allison says:

    I love this round up! I’m always looking for new blogs to follow!

  10. These women seem to have awesome blogs..gonna check them out too!

  11. Oh my gosh you featured a vegan blog – you are the best! I think it’s lovely that you’re featuring your go-to blogs which inspire you and I also think your selection is mega 🙂 ?

  12. Love this list! I am excited to check these out!

  13. Donnica says:

    I’m always looking for new WOC beauty bloggers. I’m especially digging Felicia, as I’m trying to move to a more minimalist lifestyle. Thanks for the suggestions!

  14. Kathrin says:

    I love when a blogger recommends other blogs to follow. It’s a kind gesture and brings a huge value. Thank you! I like fashion and beauty blogs <3

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  17. Dev Joshi says:

    Really nice & keep up the good work

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