7 Surefire Ways to Lighten your Mood on Bad Days

7 Surefire Ways to Lighten your Mood on Bad Days

We’ve all been there. Hell I’m sure we’re still there. I’ve been having challenges these days with keeping my center and experiencing happiness for what it is. This is because of several things occurring in my life that I either just don’t need happening right now, or me harping on being in a position I’d rather not be at the moment.

I don’t know about you but bad days can stick around for a while with me. Sometimes I have a string of bad days without knowing how to get out of them. We don’t talk about this kind of thing much on social media and otherwise (and those of you who do, man I love y’all!) but it’s really a drag and overall unhealthy thing to experience. And worse even, you tend to not be the greatest person to be around when down in a funk. And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with having bad days, it’s life. But I mean who likes feeling poo?

There are a few things I do to perk me up and so today I thought I’d share with you, a couple ways to lighten your mood when you’re not at a 10. They don’t always work for me with the first shot, but with persistence, trust me, they really help me out. Better yet, act quickly and nip the mood in the bud. Works like a charm every time.

Get some fresh air

I know it sounds cliched but there’s something about getting fresh air and seeing other people up and about that clears my mind and boosts my mood. Even if just for the immediate moment. It helps me to think clearly, cool down, ease my head of toxic thoughts and just feel relaxed. Feeling your body move and breathing in fresh air is a natural stress reliever while helping you to put mental and (sometimes) physical distance between you and your frustrations. If you have access to a green space like a park or forest, take the opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty around you.

Talk about it

This has helped me so much. I feel really vulnerable when I’m in pain or stressing, so in the past, I never reached out. Matter of fact, I’d have rather reach out to people I didn’t know in a forum on the internet, than friends and family. I had no trust in people for a long long time because I thought for some strange reason (not that strange as it was sometimes true) that people would be happy or jumping for joy if I wasn’t feeling good. It sounds kind of weird but this was a serious problem I fought with for a long time and still struggle with a bit today. With age though, my social circle has become extremely small, thus finding people I can trust and confide is much easier. Through this, I am no longer alone with my problems.

Talking things out allows you get to release all your pent up thoughts, pain and frustrations to someone who can possibly help, even if helping means just listening. Hearing yourself out loud also brings perspective and getting feedback tends to clarify things a lot. Many times I realize I’m being unreasonable, over reacting, being way too hard on myself and others, or having misaligned expectations. Getting things off your chest is no joke for a peaceful day. You feel a good kind of empty when you’re done. Even if being ‘done’ comes hours, days or even weeks later. Don’t forget professionals are there to help us, too.

Don’t hold on to your bad mood

This was something that took me a while to get, but when I did, getting out of a bad mood got really easy. I’ve learned that nothing lasts forever, whether good or bad, happiness or sorrow. Whenever something comes my way, I embrace it, feel how I want to feel about it, appreciate it and then let it go. When something good happens I jump for joy, talk about it, even dream about it. But I don’t get attached to it because like everything else, it’s fleeting and is guaranteed to lose it’s joy bearing effects sooner or later.

When not so pleasant things happen, I do the same. Look at it for what it is, embrace my feelings about it, but know that I must also let those feelings go. This way, when any thing, any feeling or any experience comes full circle again, I’m not floored. I’m not left wondering why it’s here again or leaving once more.

Engage in a hobby

For me this is reading, blogging, fussing over plants and simply getting out of the house. Whatever you do that brings you joy, this is the time to get fully into it. It can take your mind off of your troubles at hand. Not completely of course, but this gives you a chance to focus on something else that frees you from your current state of mind. So many times it saves us from being totally overwhelmed from what life dishes out for us. If you don’t have a hobby right now, think of something you’ve always wanted to do or something you think may take you out of your comfort zone that you’d enjoy, and take a swing at it.

Count your blessings

Another cheesy one but it helps me when everything else fails. When I’m fussing and fretting I sit back and look around me. Observe my surroundings and get knocked back into reality. This doesn’t mean that because you may have a warm bed or lovely children or money in the bank that you’re not entitled to feel unhappy or overwhelmed. All it means is that if you take a few moments to look around you, your point of view may change. Whether it’s because of your good health, a prospering business, food in the fridge, nice weather, or having a fresh manicure. These things don’t cancel out your pain and discomfort, but it adds some positivity to your head space and forces you to focus on all the good things happening for you, as tiny as they may seem to be.

Eat something nice

Yes! I don’t mean to binge every single time you get angry, sad or exhausted but feel free to indulge. I love pasta, ice cream and sushi. Bet your bottom dollar when I feel shitty I reach for one of these and savor every minute of it. Most importantly, I take time to enjoy it. Whether it’s alone in the car (I sometimes go to Starbucks’ drive-thru for their hibiscus lemonade refresher and enjoy it by my lonesome in the car park) or with other people, treat yourself to something you enjoy eating. What is life without food? (literally, lol).

Avoid negativity

Like the plague! Don’t go near it. At all. Avoid social media, the news, negative people and bad situations. Negativity sticks to you if you’re in it’s company for too long and too often. If you must read or watch tv or talk to people, choose what you indulge in wisely. Make sure it’s adding value to your life and not taking away. When I’m in a bad mood I watch plant videos and reruns of Bob’s Burgers all day. Lol. Works for me! Find your own sweet spot of positivity. It can be meditating, going to church, going for a swim, booking a trip, anything really. No murder stories, gossiping coworkers or politics (ugh) though!.

I hope that sharing what has helped me, will be of good use to you too.

What ways to lighten your mood can you recommend? We’d would love to hear them. 

Thanks for stopping by!

PS – read more on books on resilience and a personal note about anxiety.


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15 responses to “7 Surefire Ways to Lighten your Mood on Bad Days”

  1. Alice Mola says:

    I second the food point. When I’m down, a nice hot meal makes a world of difference. There’s this concept called the HALT method dealing with sadness, I think it might interest you!

  2. Laura says:

    Girl I needed to hear this! I’ve been struggling with terrible holiday blues and just can’t shake them! Getting outside has definitely helped! Your tips are great!

  3. Oh these are all so lovely! I especially appreciate that you bring up the importance of talking about how your feeling. We are never in this alone. And seeking help when you need it is a beautiful form of self-care ♡. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Crystal Reavis says:

    This list is awesome and I am bookmarking it for when I need it! Thank you!

  5. I can’t even begin to describe how many of those on your list are ones I use. With children, and boys at that, I find that I have to use these more often than not.

  6. Whitney says:

    I’m all about the food one! I also try to talk to my best friend or husband if I’m in a funk!

  7. Great list! I’m all about doing my best to avoid negativity. It can quickly suck the positive energy out and put me in a funk.

  8. These are great tips. I tend to do some of these things, not even knowing it. Like getting fresh air. I usually take a short walk in the neighborhood. And, of course talking about it (I’m a big talker) and the whole venting process makes me feel better. Bookmarking for later.

  9. These are all great tip! I couldn’t agree more!

  10. Sheila Price says:

    Great ideas! It is so hard to let go of negative thinking. I find that replacing negative thoughts with truth statements helps a lot!

  11. Cristina says:

    I love taking a quick walk in nature. We live in a quiet zone and we have lots of trees and hills around and it always fills me up with positive energy.

  12. Bobbie Carrigan says:

    Music has always been my thing and we are now adding in plants to help with those days of being blue

  13. Kay says:

    So so true! (Always nice to meet another Trini lifestyle blogger)

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