30s Living – How Does It Feel?

30s living


What’s 30s living like?

As I sit here donning my clay mask and taking in world news, I reflect on my life as a 30 something year old woman. I know many people dread living in their 30s. Thinking that life as they know it; the fun, young and amazing life, would now be replaced by an aged, boring, monotonous one. So far it has not been that way for me. Yes I am seeing grey hair (which I am loving) and yes I am getting deeper smile lines and scattered crows feet. Maintaining my weight continues to be a challenge (ugh!), but guess what? That’s life. It’s natural, and I’m not complaining.

My 30s are turning out to be my most enjoyable decade as my 20s were tumultuous years. I didn’t fully understand who I was, what my purpose was or where I fit in with the world. I struggled to find my footing with relationships, the right job, furthering my studies, and so on. Although I did alot of traveling, drinking and hanging out with an infinite number of friends, I would not go back to that time.

As I get older, I am more confident in my own shoes. I see the world, and my place in it much clearer and I am generally a happier, more contented person. Quality is more important now than quantity and everything appears to have more substance and value.

My relationships have changed a lot, with most of them for the better. Losing people dear to me was hard. Before I would have fought and stressed over these relationships, but I came to terms with the fact that in time, things change and it’s easier to just let some things take their natural course.

I went through a particularly hard time recently where I was horribly stressed. I couldn’t sleep, I wept daily, I was constantly anxious and I woke up to each day with a dreaded sadness. Luckily, the core people in my life stood with me. Even if  just to make my life seem more tolerable. I was humbled by their kindness and awareness of my struggle. It brought back some hope I had lost in humanity.

Moving forward, there are some things that remain on the forefront of my brain. One of them is giving credit where credit is due, particularly to myself. The older I get is the less I am guided by people’s opinions of me and I am no longer allowing society to dictate what happiness is supposed to be. Contemplation on my future is inevitable, yes, and so is reflection on the past, but I try to always live and revel in the moment. I intend to have fun but also remember to be wise. I will consume and savor things slowly (including my food, trust me, it tastes so much better plus helps with digestion) while being grateful for another revolution around the sun.

As I approach 33, I wish for many great things, but what I wish for most is the ability to be content while sharing continuous love, wisdom and kindness. I anticipate the long road ahead.

What about you? How do you feel about aging? What are you happy (or unhappy) about? What have you learnt?

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18 responses to “30s Living – How Does It Feel?”

  1. ebony phillips says:

    Oh wow..i love this. i’m glad that you’re embracing your 30’s with a smile, I’m really proud of you Mrs. LSRH.

  2. Avanele Greaves says:

    I recently turn 30 and still have not accomplished what I wanted but say what I’m greatful and where there’s life there’s hope. Thanks for the share La shell

  3. Kendell says:

    Beautiful! I honestly thought you would have had gotten yourself a few cats by now to keep you company in your old age 🙂

  4. denzil says:

    6 months into my 30s and it’s great. I embrace it because it’s inevitable, just as every stage of life.
    Glad that I can relate as I shared some of those experiences with you.
    Since the 30s are so great, when does the awesomeness end?

  5. Nicole says:

    This was beautiful Lashell.. eye opening for me ty chic

  6. Devon says:

    This is a great blog! I am enjoying it!

  7. Hey girlie,
    Congrats on this wonderful new journey!
    Absolutely love the post. Welcome to the 30s Club!!!
    Someone once told me that “clarity comes at 30” and this post definitely confirms that! It’s like one see/experience life through new lens (sharper and more focus)!!
    Keep these posts coming and continue to take us all on this magnificent journey! Muah

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