10 Things I’m Loving ~ September

10 Things I'm Loving ~ September

Well folks, September is here! Which means its almost halloween which means it’s almost Christmas! I’m sooooo looking forward to it. I’m planning to host a fancy Boxing Day family bash. Y’know, building memories and such. I’m not the entertaining type so let’s see how this goes. In the mean time, here are 10 things I’m loving!

1| Trying cleansing balm for the first time to ease up on using cleansing wipes. I prefer them now because they’re less wasteful and doesn’t have a ton of alcohol in them. This one is pretty awesome! Do you have any favorites?

2| Did I tell you folks we bought a house?! Well, we did! And it’s one of the best feelings in the world!

3| I’ve found two wonderful shops that make the most beautiful concrete planters. If money wasn’t a factor, I’d buy everything they have! I get my pots with clean lines from these folks and my geometrics here!

4| For the best DIYs!

5| Do you know that there’s a service out there for plant restoration? I’m now heavily into plants and I stumbled across them. I’ve gotten quite a bit of advice so far for my new plant babies.

6| Guess who’s going back to Jamaica in November? Can’t wait!

7| Hello Ozark season two!

8| Past few months have been both up and down, but one of the way ups was me being featured in an article talking all about sunscreen. Happy much?

9| I’m really late on the e-reader train but I’ve joined a bookclub and will be up on tons of books pretty soon. Problem is I have no where to store them just yet. So I’m looking at the Kindle Paperwhite. Do you have any recommendations?

10| I’m looking at home decor more than clothes these days and this Instagram account is giving me all the feels!

So that’s 10 things I’m loving. What are you into these days?

Thanks for stopping by!

PS ~ More things I love.



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25 responses to “10 Things I’m Loving ~ September”

  1. Congratulations on buying a house! That is my biggest goal in life, and I’m going to try everything I can to make sure it comes true!

  2. Erika says:

    Wow, congratulations on being featured on Healthline and the new home purchase!

  3. cait says:

    i haven’t gotten into Ozarks but i’ve heard great things about! how exciting to purchase a home too! were in the process of building ours and it’s so nice šŸ™‚

  4. lauren says:

    Congrats on buying a house! That’s so exciting – a great opp for interior design posts, too!

  5. I’m so excited about Ozark! As soon as I get some time to binge, that will be number one on my list. Congratulations on buying a home! We are in the middle of building one, and it is super exciting.

  6. Lutheranliar says:

    Yes! Congratulations on buying a house. That’s a very big adventure, and ultimately, such fun. My daughter (who’s probably about your age!) just moved into her first “real” apartment, and I know she’s very excited about furnishing it and “nesting”. Speaking of streaming, have you tried ‘The Sinner’? I didn’t even know who Jessica Biel WAS and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Sabina says:

    Congrats on buying a house! And also have fun in Jamaica in November, Jamaica is on my bucket list and hopefully, I’ll get to go there one day.


  8. chloe says:

    Congratulations to the new home owners šŸ™‚ Also lucky you, going to Jamaica!

  9. Well buying a house is definitely something to be excited about!

  10. Christa Anne says:

    So many thing happening! Jamaica in November sounds perfect. I read a lot, and I absolutely love my kindle.

  11. Summer says:

    Congratulations on the house! It IS the best feeling. We bought our home last fall and it’s been awesome. Best of luck!

  12. OMG congrats on buying a house, that’s awesome! Also have fun in Jamaica, that will be such a great trip!

    The Classic Brunette

  13. rachel says:

    Congratulations on your house! So exciting! I’m watching ozarks season 2 too!

  14. So I am super obsessed with healing crystals and all things metaphysical right now. I watched the entire seasons of Ozarks over the weekend! I am way super excited about my blog and creating my own content for IG!

  15. Amanda says:

    I love me some home decor as well! congrats on the house!

  16. GiGi Eats says:

    My husband is binging OZARK HARD CORE right now. I watched a couple episodes but then he starts watching them later in the evening and I am just too tired so yeah! I missed like 2 episodes last night.

  17. Sheila Price says:

    Yes to all the plants, e-books, and Ozark season 2!

  18. Marisa says:

    What a great Sept you have going on!!! I love Fall Decor and changing up the wardrobe!!! And lucky you on going back to Jamaica! Have fun!!!

  19. First of all, congrats on buying a house! It’s a big investment, but certainly rewarding. I hope you enjoy your planters and plants! Hubby and I are still enjoying our flower and veggie gardens. Have fun when you go back to Jamaica!

  20. wow, congrats on the house šŸ™‚

  21. emman damian says:

    I love food styling as of the moment! I love playing with food and designs. So cool!

  22. Congratulations on your new home! That’s fantastic ā™”. And I bet you’re counting down the days til November. Yay Jamaica. I’m excited for you šŸ™‚

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